What a week #47 “Xircus Manifesto”

Xircus Web3 Protocol
3 min readDec 7, 2022

Hello everyone! What a Week! It’s time for our weekly update. In the past week, we made some exciting progress. Looking forward to next week, we have lots of things going on right now. Stay tuned for more updates! Thanks for following along. Before you continue reading, make sure to follow us on all socials: https://linktr.ee/Xircus

Project Highlights:

  • Xircus product launch stages have been officially announced
  • Xircus rebranding (logo, style, and positioning) completed: from “Xircus NFT” to “Xircus Web3 Protocol — Deploy any Web3 dApp in minutes”
  • We made our first serious move tapping into local creators/developers/startup communities by teaming up with Draper Startup House (Tim’s Draper House has 32 locations across the globe)
  • We’re organizing the first Xircus Web3 Development Hackathon at Draper Startup house Manila
  • Key moments towards the product launch roadmap have been shared with the pre-seed investors
  • Pre-seed investors have been privileged to participate in the seed round
  • A sneak peek of the raw Xircus Studio and video demo has been shared — still work in progress
  • Xircus SDK has been updated and released: NPM JS / Github
  • We have gained more exposure and connections through conferences/events: Dcentral Miami
  • New hiring Lead product designer Peter to lead the overall product user experience optimization

Community Engagement:

  • We decided to share video content on social media with our faces to empower our Xircus brand
  • We initiated the first steps of our social media campaign and commenced posting on social media platforms which have resulted in a +300% increase in reach. Make sure to follow us of course! Linkedin company page, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Youtube
  • The founders welcoming you for engagement on Linkedin as well: Mikey, Erik, and Falco
  • We started publishing explainer videos on social media about our products

Development progress:


  • Updated SDKs for graph provider
  • Deployed provider graph AP
  • Added graphQL query batching
  • Fixed react SDK issue atob missing
  • Added support for JSON Array in Graph Schema
  • The SDKs have been updated and published
  • Added API endpoints for skin router to fetch data specific for the app itself, encourages load balancing or multi-provider setup in the future
  • Added solana rpc connection
  • Added near rpc connection


  • Physical Item Marketplace Skin
  • Deployment of Marketplace contracts for deployable in apps to fetch listings on-chain to graph


  • Adult Marketplace Skin
  • Minting and buying screen for all skins
  • Custom Category Creation
  • Custom Domain Configuration
  • Wallet network switching based on contracts deployed

Xircus Next Steps:

  • The second stage of the Product launch stages will be announced: “Toss Coins”
  • Product launch stages roadmap go-live op xircus.app/roadmap
  • Kickoff social media ‘shilling’ campaigns. The first contest will be announced with interesting prize pools
  • Official Xircus Studio release
  • Xircus Web3 Protocol deck publication
  • More information regarding the Xircus 2.0 token migration will be released
  • Sneak peeks new Xircus.app will be shared
  • Expanding team of social media managers and community managers
  • New PR updates will be shared
  • Kickoff seed round strategic partners

We keep making steady progress behind the scenes, and it is starting to become visible on the surface. It’s only a matter of time before we see more impact as our products are launched and the flywheel starts to move.

Follow us everywhere you can: https://linktr.ee/Xircus

Xircus is in town!
- the core team



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