Solution 4 — SDKs — Web3 Made Easy With Low-Code Wizardry!

3 min readMar 17, 2023

The future is here, and Web3 is leading the way. As a significant part of this future, Xircus Web3 Protocol offers a low-code solution to enable developers to build custom Web3 apps and protocols. As a pioneer, Xircus caters to connection and utility with all kinds of companies, entrepreneurs, brands, artists including SDKs and other Web3 projects; which you can check out in our last article ;)

So, what is a software development kit, or SDK? It is a set of tools that developers use to create custom apps that can be added on or connected to another program. SDKs enable developers to build apps with advanced functionalities such as fetching data, performing complicated actions, and developing Web3 apps and protocols — with Xircus Web3 Protocol being a prime example!

Xircus has created a game-changing SDK to enable developers to achieve development success faster. The Xircus SDK simplifies how developers interact with blockchain networks, smart contracts, and wallet providers. Xircus has created three SDKs: one for node applications, one for React frameworks with hooks and components, and another for GraphQL API setup and installable command-line program to publish smart contracts to servers and generate boilerplates.

The Xircus platform supports all EVM blockchains and allows developers to deploy their smart contracts to any blockchain network of their choice. Developers can use the SDK to compile and publish smart contracts directly from their repositories, batch requests from multiple blockchain networks through the API, and view the functions and events available from the contract they published.

With Xircus SDKs, developers can deploy pre-built code repositories with just a tap of a button without writing a single line of code. The Xircus SDK simplifies the development process, reduces development time, and increases developer productivity.

Xircus Web3 Protocol is the go-to place for developers who want to build Web3 apps with ease.

In addition to simplifying the development process for custom dApps, our SDK can also be utilized to create new custom modules or blocks for our no-code page builder. This provides an excellent opportunity for developers to showcase their skills and be rewarded for their efforts. These custom modules can be sold as premium blocks for our page builder, similar to how popular marketplaces like Themeforest or CodeCanyon operate. With XircusAcademy, we’re also providing a platform for developers to share their knowledge and expertise with others. Developers can give webinars, host courses, earn certificates, and become recognized as Experts in the Xircus community. Furthermore, we are also creating a Fiverr-like environment where developers can offer their skills to others on our platform. This will enable them to earn money while expanding their skills and knowledge in the Web3 space. At Xircus, we are committed to supporting developers at every step of their journey, and our SDKs and ecosystem provide ample opportunities for growth and development.

In conclusion, Xircus Web3 Protocol has transformed into a full-blown Web3 protocol powering the creation of progressive dApps set to disrupt the Web3 space. Xircus Web3 Protocol is the future of Web3 development!

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