Solution 5 — Agnostics — From hodling to thriving — Web3 communities unlock the power of their tokens!

3 min readMar 18, 2023

Do you know what Xircus is? And no, it’s not a circus with clowns and acrobats 🙃 Xircus is a platform that lets you deploy your OWN decentralized application (dApp) and make the most of the blockchain technology.

But what’s so special about Xircus? The fact that it’s FULLY AGNOSTIC! Don’t worry, we’ll explain what all of this means in simple terms. First off, Xircus is blockchain agnostic. It means that you can deploy your dApp on any blockchain protocol built as Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) or EVM compatible. And, you can do it with the help of Xircus Web3 protocol.

Xircus supports the next-generation blockchain protocols such as Solana, Near, Tezos, Flow, Cosmos, Polkadot, and other upcoming new blockchains. So, you’re not limited to just one blockchain network, and you can expand your reach by deploying your dApp on different networks.

Now, let’s talk about token currency agnostic. Xircus accepts any liquid token currency as a payment currency for any deployed marketplace on the platform. It means that you can use multiple tokens when selling NFTs, and you can configure the ecosystem for future dApp utilization.

With Xircus, you can promote your token currency within the ecosystem, and it makes the token readily available for any dApps to use when listing and trading NFTs and bundles. This ensures that the token currency has real fiat equivalent value and can be used as a payment currency to any deployed marketplace! Think of the most popular community projects, who can built their own dApp in minutes + utilizing their own created tokens 🤯

Moving on to decentralized exchange agnostic. Xircus uses decentralized exchanges to get a quotation of token value in USD to ensure that listing fees are paid in USD and are directly converted and transferred to beneficiaries.

The marketplace contract accepts any decentralized exchange router contract when asking for token quotes, such as PancakeSwap V2 Router or SushiSwap V2 Router, or any DEX provider with accurate and trustworthy quotes in any stable coin such as BUSD, USDC, USDT, DAI, and more.

Xircus is also collection agnostic, meaning that it accepts collections that are not deployed through Xircus. You can use any collection created from other marketplaces, or custom-built, or deployed to web3 services such as ThirdWeb or Wagmi within the Xircus deployed application for listing.

Furthermore, Xircus is frontend language agnostic. One of the accomplishments is a Web3 JavaScript library that connects with core functionality of native blockchain such as balance request, contract calls, and more. This library can be used for any JavaScript-based framework! Xircus also created react hooks that can be integrated with react-based framework such as Next, also added some user interfaces to connect wallet, present NFTs and more.

Finally, Xircus is backend cloud provider agnostic. The Xircus developers created backend applications that can be deployed by the provider to any cloud provider such as AWS, Vercel, Digital Ocean, and Cloudflare Workers. Providers can also choose between using MongoDB or SQL type database. They created adapters that interact with Mongoose and Prisma ORM.

In conclusion, Xircus is a versatile platform that makes it easy to deploy your dApp, regardless of the blockchain, token currency, decentralized exchange, collection, frontend language, or backend cloud provider. So, if you want to get started with blockchain technology, Xircus is the perfect place to begin!

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