Solution 3 — “Onboarding Experience” — Empower Granny To Enter The Web3 With Ease, Going Mainstream!

2 min readMar 16, 2023


Exciting news for dApp creators and enthusiasts! Xircus Web3 Protocol has now made it possible for dApp creators to utilize the Onramper payment module/block in our no-code page builder.

With this development, it is now easier than ever for dApp creators to incorporate cryptocurrency payments into their decentralized applications! Our partnership with Onramper aims to simplify the buying process for everyone and revolutionize the digital asset landscape.

Let’s discuss the stressful and complicated process of buying digital assets on NFT marketplaces.

Buying digital assets on NFT marketplaces can be a hassle, especially when it comes to getting the right currency to make purchases. Different marketplaces and platforms require specific types of digital currencies, such as Ether or stablecoins, which can be confusing and time-consuming to navigate. Obtaining the right currency often requires using multiple exchanges or wallets, creating new accounts, verifying identity, and dealing with complex trading interfaces. This process can lead to missed opportunities, lost time, and increased stress.

With the Onramper payment module/block, dApp creators can now provide a frictionless onboarding experience for their users. By enabling users to directly swap fiat currency to crypto using local payment methods they are already familiar with, the hassle and complexity of navigating different digital currencies and trading interfaces is eliminated!

As a result, dApp creators can focus on creating unique and engaging decentralized applications, while Onramper handles the payment processing. This means that users can enjoy the benefits of blockchain technology, such as fractionalized NFTs and other digital assets, without worrying about the technicalities of cryptocurrency payments.

At Xircus Web3 Protocol, we are dedicated to bringing cryptocurrency to the masses and making blockchain technology accessible to everyone. Our partnership with Magik Labs and the integration of their payment module/block in our no-code page builder is another step towards achieving the goal of MAINSTREAM ADOPTION!!

We invite dApp creators to take advantage of this new development and to start incorporating cryptocurrency payments into their decentralized applications today. By doing so, they can provide a seamless user experience and tap into the growing market for digital assets.

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