Jason Hung Serial Entrepreneur and Blockchain Expert, Joins the Xircus Board of Advisors

3 min readMar 8, 2023

We are keen to bring Jason Hung on board to help us achieve our company goals in the mid and long-term. As a veteran with extensive knowledge and proven experience, he is exactly the kind of person Xircus needs on our board of advisors. With Jason’s help, we believe we can make significant progress toward our objectives!

Jason’s extensive network of VCs, Funds and High-net-worth individuals will be instrumental in our fundraising efforts. However, he’s not just here for fundraising. After multiple conversations with us, Jason understands what we are building with Xircus and how we are changing the landscape with no-code and low-code Web3 solutions. This is exactly what he did back in 2008 with no-code mobile app solutions, with the tremendous growth that ultimately led to an IPO. We need Jason’s experience as a serial entrepreneur with a strong tech background in Xircus.

In addition to sharing our belief that Web3 is the next big thing, Jason and Xircus see the potential in the booming Chinese market. With the regulations in Hong Kong opening up opportunities for Web3, it’s a strategic move for us to enter the Chinese market. Jason is the perfect board member to help us pioneer in this market.

As Xircus Web3 Protocol looks to expand its reach to China Jason Hung’s expertise will prove to be invaluable. With Hong Kong officials pushing for the city to become an Asian crypto hub, the new licensing regime would establish new standards and regulations for crypto, making it an ideal time for Xircus to establish a presence in the region. With his extensive experience in corporate development and startup consulting, Jason will be an asset in helping Xircus establish itself as a leader in the crypto industry starting in China Mainland.

Jason Hung is an accomplished executive with a track record of driving results and bringing innovation to various industries. Jason has proven himself as a valuable asset to any organization he works with. Throughout his career, he has advised over 70 startup companies and gained 10+ years of consulting experience at global Fortune 100 companies and leading IT companies. He has worked for over 20 years in multi-national companies and startups in founder, C-level, or VP positions. His hard work and dedication have not gone unnoticed, as he has received several awards, including the National Innovation and Research Award in 2009, the National Innovation and Entrepreneurship Award in 2012, and the National Invention Award in 2012. Furthermore, he has 9 patent applications for mobile internet, technology, and applications.

To summarize, we are confident that Jason will provide invaluable insights and help us establish a strong presence in the crypto industry. We look forward to working with Jason and benefiting from his expertise and innovative thinking!

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