Expanding Frontiers: Can Xircus Help Businesses Achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals?

3 min readJan 6, 2024

At Xircus, our commitment to creating one of the most robust and accessible low-code/no-code solutions has been put to test many times and in many different ways.

Surviving the crunching bear grip for over 500 days straight, representing Xircus at events like our own hosted hackathon where we answered the out of the box questions coming from brilliant and aspiring next-gen tech leaders, partnering with innovative web3 initiatives to strengthen the community, consistently revisiting or iterating on the tech or design front based on inputs from our expert partners to make sure what we come up with is nothing but the absolute best, the Xircus team and all our partners including you who share our common dreams, already have a lot to be proud about.

But, that’s not what makes Xircus unique.

What makes Xircus unique is our quest to explore the uncharted territories aligned with the broader vision of making technology a tool to achieve greater goals. As we progress, each of us is united by a history of over thousands of years of evolution. We must not forget that we have a common past and we will all have a shared future. Technology is a tool to shape that shared future.

And, that’s why at Xircus we unapologetically believe that the best use of technology is not in creating only effective business solutions, but also addressing our common pertinent challenges faced by all living and sentient beings. It may sound lofty and too much to ask for, but that’s how we approach our goals at Xircus.

Can Xircus Help Existing Business Models Achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals?

Blockchain technology has immense potential. It is just the beginning. As we celebrate the week marking the 15th birthday of Bitcoin, we want to talk about how Xircus can possibly help existing businesses expedite their processes that are aligned with United Nations sustainable development goals.

We know you’re excited already but let’s keep the best for later.

Commissioned research has already proven that Blockchain technology can play an increasingly significant role in making the modern tech-driven processes aimed at solving sustainable development problems more efficient. This research article A framework for achieving a circular economy using the blockchain technology in a sustainable waste management system,” discusses blockchain’s applications for sustainable development solutions.

The Good News!

At Xircus we have been exploring different opportunities to see how we can find a new meaning for our proprietary no-code and low-code solution. As such we have thoroughly discussed and explored UN’s sustainable development goals that lays emphasis on effective waste management. It is a critical part of the leading organizations efforts to ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns. They also had a special report dedicated to the cause in 2023.

Source: United Nations

Source: United Nations

We are very excited to share that we have been actively pursuing with innovative European socio-tech businesses to launch a partnership for executing these key tasks:

  1. Introduce a blockchain-based waste management system as a pilot project;
  2. Implementing an effective rewards system to encourage active participation in waste management among citizens;
  3. Develop a solution to help waste management solution providers cut costs by ensuring seamless tokenization of their everyday processes involving multiple stakeholders, like workers, members, municipality officials, waste collectors, transporters etc.

That would be a small step towards achieving a larger goal shared by each one of us across the globe.

Stay tuned, keep supporting and we promise we will give you a reason to celebrate this weekend like a champ!

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