Xircus Web3 Protocol’s Manila Hackathon Was a Big Success!

6 min readApr 15, 2023


The Manila air was electric with excitement as the Xircus Web3 Protocol team, in collaboration with Draper Startup House, hosted their first hackathon. The event brought together a diverse group of developers, designers, and enthusiasts who were eager to explore the possibilities of Web3 technology.

At Xircus Web3 Protocol, we are passionate about empowering everyone to dive into the world of Web3 without the need for technical expertise. With our digital expansion of NFTs and smart contracts, we offer many innovative opportunities such as gamification, identity management, social tokenization, decentralized finance, digital art, supply chain management, collectibles, real estate, digital identity, and intellectual property protection.

The Xircus Hackathon format

The hackathon was a celebration of creativity and innovation. The Attendees used Xircus Web3 tool to bring their long-awaited ideas to life. It was a fun, in-person, 2-day affair that was buzzing with energy and collaboration. Participants explored our Web3 platform and had the opportunity to network and collaborate with like-minded individuals.

Earlier this year, we announced our plans to introduce a novel hackathon format that welcomes not only developers but also entrepreneurs, designers, and builders to participate.

Thanks to our highly flexible product, which supports low-code and no-code web3 development, we can appeal to a broad range of participants.

With our platform, entrepreneurs can quickly validate their ideas by creating a minimum viable product (MVP), while developers can innovate and provide value to others using our Xircus platform.

Designers can also contribute by creating visually appealing skin designs that can be sold as NFTs to dApps owners who run marketplaces on Xircus. If you want to learn more about our hackathon format, check out our previous article here and here.

The Xircus Web3 Protocol hackathon showcased the immense potential of Web3 technology, with impressive projects taking the top three spots.

Four judges, including Falco Pangkey, Erik de Groot from Xircus, Renz Chong CEO from Breeder DAO, and Nicco Viray CEO of VC firm Innovative Impact Ventures, rated the ideas and projects for launching and building on Xircus.

Get ready to be blown away as we reveal the winners here below of the very first Xircus Hackathon! Witness firsthand the innovative and groundbreaking products created by the most talented minds. Be sure to catch their captivating pitches and check out their stunning decks. You won’t believe that all of these impressive MVPs were created with just a few clicks and easy drag-and-drop in Web3 using Xircus Studio. It’s that simple!

Prepare to be inspired by the limitless possibilities of this powerful tool and the limitless potential of these talented individuals. We are building the future together, so don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to witness the future of tech innovation in action!

1st Place Winner — FanHub

FanHub — the first-place winner, is revolutionizing the Pop Idol scene by enabling Idol groups to create and sell Official Idol NFTs, crowd-funding projects and events, and selling official merchandise.

Project name: FanHub
Deck: https://docsend.com/view/td9yned3ry6q4eyd

Their upcoming Web3 platform is poised to rapidly gain popularity in the near future. You may want to take a look at their presentation deck as it could inspire similar ideas that can be seamlessly launched on Xircus.

Xircus Hackathon Winner Announcement
1st place FanHub
FanHub Pitch

2nd Place Winner — DAOcre-8

Second-place winner DAOcre-8 connects creators with backers through decentralized crowdfunding using Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs).

Project name: DAOcre-8
Deck: https://www.canva.com/design/DAFe6EzP9co/NDE-aT7Oeb97Q2k4qZMUPw/view

Their upcoming Web3 platform is poised to rapidly gain popularity in the near future. You may want to take a look at their presentation deck as it could inspire similar ideas that can be seamlessly launched on Xircus.

2nd place DAOCre-8

3rd Place Winner — NFTHomes

The third-place winner, NFTHomes, is a Web3-based vacation rental platform that leverages the power of blockchain technology to streamline the payment process and to enable fractional ownership of rental properties.

Project name: NFThomes
Deck: https://docsend.com/view/7bdmeesgfk33epc7

Their upcoming Web3 platform is new, and innovative with high potential in the near future. We’ve seen many similar concepts around, but the Xircus toolkit and the endless possibilities can make this a unique project in the space. You may want to take a look at their presentation deck as it could inspire similar ideas that can be seamlessly launched on Xircus.

3rd place NFTHomes
NFThomes pitch

At Xircus, we’re excited to begin incubating Fanhub, DAOcrea-8, and NFThomes by providing support in various areas such as sharing relevant contacts, refining their business model, and fostering growth. Rest assured that we’ll keep you updated on the latest developments during the first week of May.

These groundbreaking projects demonstrate the versatility of Web3 technology in various industries and use cases.

The feedback we received from attendees at the hackathon was overwhelmingly positive. They appreciated the intuitive creation and deployment process of the platform, and the ability to easily customize transaction and listing fees. The attendees were impressed with the collaboration and networking opportunities the hackathon provided, which allowed them to meet and connect with like-minded individuals in the Web3 community. They also expressed excitement about the platform’s current functionality, even at this early stage.

The positive feedback we received from attendees is encouraging, as we strive to create a platform that is accessible and intuitive for all users.

We’ll be organizing hackathons more frequently, with offline in-person events in Manila and other Draper Startup House locations, and many other partners, including the independent online hackathons. We are also excited to be partnering with some big names in the industry, which we’ll be sharing with the community soon!

HINT: After the first Hackathon in Manila, we’ve been pioneering in Singapore and Hong Kong to meet up with partners to organize more hackathons!

AWS, Supra Oracles, MetaCamp.so, Coinstore, Draper Startup House and SeeDAO.xyz

With our Xircus platform, we believe that we can empower even more creators, brands, businesses, developers, designers, and overall enthusiasts to build on the blockchain using low-code SDKs and no-code page builders.

So, let’s continue exploring the exciting possibilities of Web3 together — we’re looking forward to it, and you? Find us at https://xircus.app/!

Or… curious about how you can build as a developer, designer, or entrepreneur in Web3 >> https://beta.xircus.app/ (no-code will be released last week of April).




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