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Xircus NFT

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About Xircus

Xircus is the world’s first multi-chain gamified DAO platform that allows users to create and deploy custom NFT marketplaces. In a few easy steps, Xircus users can create and launch a personalised NFT trading platform absolutely…







NFT加密货币的市占率和销售额爆炸式增长。 2021年第一季度NFT销售额增长了1785%

As the markets start to recover showing resilience to China’s blanket ban on cryptocurrencies, we have some great news coming in. If you have been following Xircus and have taken some time to learn more about the platform, you would know that we offer a unique value proposition to NFT…

This is an important update about Xircus token sale. After careful consideration, we have decided to push the main token sale further for various strategic reasons. We understand, it may be disappointing for some of you but pushing the token sale further is in the best interest of our investors…

Xircus NFT Telegram voice chat recap

Over the past few weeks, we had been highly active and interacting with the Xircus community members answering their questions and discussing the progress. These voice chats are already shared in the Xircus Telegram group and members can also download a transcript of the entire session here.

This is a…

It’s been a while but we are extremely excited to put it all together and share with you all that’s been going on. We have come a long way! …

Step by step details on how to participate in the $XIRCUS token private sale.

Hi there Xircus NFT fans! First and foremost, thanks for your support! Your support has been amazing, and we are very grateful for the overwhelming support and interest towards this promising Xircus NFT project.. We are…

Last week was a rewarding experience! We have managed to take some solid steps towards expanding our reach and making the Xircus platform more user-friendly.

Guys before we start summarizing all that we have accomplished with Xircus over the past 7 days, we are excited to announce a new addition…

We’re proud to announce and welcome Muhammad Irfan as an advisor! Muhammad Irfan is a long-time bitcoin user and enthusiast and has experience with Marketing since early 2014. He founded his most recent project — BountyPortals — after years of experience with managing bitcoin-related ventures.

I’ve worked with 100+ blockchain projects, a well-connected network to help Xircus grow in local communities, globally. After gathering experience with ICOs I’m now putting all the expertise to work as the CEO of BountyPortals and choose to become an advisor for the Xircus NFT project to bring more value to this project. We’ll be working on Xircus to bring essential growth and innovation in the project.

This article will explain the token sale process how it’s divided into multiple rounds. See the image below. To read more details about each stage, scroll further below the image.

Token economy and deal stages — click the image to enlarge

XIRCUS token sale stages

The contribution commences in BNB only — make sure you have BNB to contribute. Send your contribution from desktop (laptop/computer)…

Xircus NFT

The world’s first multi-chain gamified DAO platform that allows users to create and deploy custom NFT marketplaces.

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