Xircus Launches xGEMS: The Ultimate Incubator Program for Promising TON Projects

3 min readMay 30, 2024


If we are to look at the trends and reports from various data aggregators, the global web3 market is projected to grow by over 200% adding more than $20bn in 2024. This is apart from the crypto markets and the sporadic Bitcoin bull runs. If you’re reading this, we believe you’re already aware that over the last four years, Xircus has been consistently delivering on its promises to the global web3 community. We have been recognized by one of the most notable players and frontrunners of web3 mainstreaming movement — none other than the TON (The Open Network).

We have also been building for the community to help fellow developers get easy access to the TON network. All aligned with the vision of making web3 tools and even the most advanced features accessible to all. And by all, we mean all — anyone who can use a messaging app and has a smartphone can access web3 applications.

For this to happen, Telegram and the Ton Network have an elaborate vision and a defined goal. Xircus shares the vision and by partnering with Ton, we are already playing our part. We offer the global Web3 community a unique low-code and no-code solution that allows them to deploy and launch their mini-apps on the Ton blockchain within minutes. And, this is what brings us to the xGems incubator program. The purpose of the xGems incubator program is to take this entire movement to the next level and open the doors to the web3 world for all while promising them security, transparency and shared control. Also, in the process, we want to actively contribute to making Telegram a Superapp with easy web3 access for all.

What is xGEMS?

Simply put, xGEMS💎 Incubator is a unique program. It is designed to help fellow developers who want to join the web3 mainstreaming movement by building on the TON Network. It means if you’re a development team, a startup, or a small business looking to build or launch an app on the TON Network — with a shared vision to make web3 dApps easily accessible to all — this program is for you.

Think of xGems as an end-to-end support system wherein you not only get to benefit from Xircus’ experienced team and our suite of products, but also get access to the larger Ton community and experts. This program will help you push forward your idea and efforts to create an MVP in the right direction. You’ll benefit from accelerated growth on all fronts including development, marketing and positioning, talent and resources, and even with necessary funding support for the deserving projects.

Join xGEMS

Are you an innovative project ready to take the next step? Sign up and get the chance to present your project to a wide audience of blockchain enthusiasts and experts. Together, we can shape the future of the TON blockchain and push new boundaries.

For more information on how to apply for xGEMS, submit your project, or contact our team. Let’s discover and grow the hidden gems of the blockchain world together!




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