Xircus x Web3 Arabs: When Theory Becomes A Working dApp

2 min readFeb 28, 2023
Xircus partnership with Web3 Arabs

Hey, hey, we are back with news!

Lots of things have been happening at Xircus, and here’s the latest — we partnered up with Web3 Arabs!

It’s our step toward entering the Middle-East market, and we are happy that Web3 Arabs joined us on that journey.

Huge potential

Web3arabs.com is the first Arab Web3 educational platform in the Middle-East, mainly focused on the UAE (Dubai & Abu Dhabi). Their goal is to educate people in the region — students can earn certificates, get tokens, and participate in hackathons. It’s free to join, and the courses are intended for both low- and no-coders, which piqued a lot of interest and the platform is rapidly growing.

Now the potential is even bigger — they will teach students how to build dApps by utilizing Xircus Web3 platform. Not only that — once created, they can continue using Xircus to launch projects in minutes.

Looking forward to the future

With this partnership, we made it possible for Arabic-speaking developers to enter the Web3 space more easily. For Xircus — this means a whole new network of potential users. We are thrilled to see what kind of ideas will our platform bring to life — since the UAE people themselves are very ambitious about the web3 and metaverse. And we can only imagine what will happen once others from the region join.




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