Xircus Web3 Protocol | Zealy Airdrop Campaign ‘SEASON 2’

3 min readJul 9, 2023


Xircus, the first and only full end-to-end solution infrastructure and open Web3 tooling platform on the market, with its native token and ecosystem, designed for entrepreneurs, communities, brands and (web2) businesses creating/managing and scaling decentralized applications (dApps), is thrilled to announce a groundbreaking collaboration with Zealy, the innovative company revolutionizing community engagement.

Together, we’re launching the Zealy Airdrop Campaign, set to redefine the world of dApp development.

With a total reward pool of around 500,000 XW3 tokens — worth $250,000 at the Token Generation Event (TGE) — this campaign is a lucrative opportunity for Web3 developers, blockchain aficionados, and tech enthusiasts.

🌐 A New Approach to Rewards and Engagement

What sets this campaign apart is its innovative reward mechanism, geared towards sharing knowledge and encouraging creativity. Participants have multiple ways to earn XW3 tokens and contribute to the Xircus community:

  • Invite & Refer: Bring your peers, colleagues, and friends into the fold. Each successful referral to the campaign yields rewards. This is a particularly attractive opportunity for high-profile influencers, who can leverage their extensive networks for significant earning potential.
  • Learn & Earn: Explore Xircus’s protocol through a series of interactive quizzes. Not only do you gain valuable insights into the platform, but you can also earn rewards for your newfound knowledge.
  • Show Your Creativity: Create fun and engaging content — be it memes, Twitter posts, or Instagram stories — about Xircus and the campaign. High-quality and impactful content will be rewarded with XW3 tokens.

🚀 Unleashing the Power of dApp Development

This campaign also introduces you to Xircus’s revolutionary Web3 dApp building, management, and scaling tools. You can:

  • Deploy Your Own dApp: Get a chance to earn significant XP by deploying your own decentralized app on the Xircus platform.
  • Use AI-Powered Builder for Smart Contracts: For the first time, an AI-powered builder helps you create smart contracts, opening up a new world of decentralized applications, from your very own NFT marketplace to an innovative De-Fi platform.
  • Craft Your Own dApp Template/Skin: Much like Behance or Themeforest, design your own dApp template or skin and start earning right away.

The Zealy partnership promises to further enhance community engagement by gamifying tasks and rewarding users in an efficient, scalable, and exciting way. It’s simple to join: create an account on Zealy, join the Xircus Web3 Protocol Community, complete quests and missions, and start earning USDT or XW3 tokens.

🔥 Total Prize Pool ‘Season 2’: $50,000 in USDT or $XW3

🥇 1st: $500

🥈 2nd: $450

🥉 3rd-5th: $350 each

🎖️ 6th-10th: $300 each

🏅 11th-30th: $250 each

🎗️ 31st-50th: $200 each

🔖 51st-100th: $150 each

🏷️ 101st-400th: $100 each

🏆 How to join this special campaign?

  1. Create an account on Zealy.
  2. Join Xircus Web3 Protocol Community on Zealy: https://zealy.io/c/xircus/
  3. Complete the quests and missions!
  4. Earn XP — more XPs = More $XW3 Guaranteed Allocation. Plus, Earn exclusive roles on Discord.
  5. Be TOP Leaderboard!

Your active involvement in the Xircus community will not only enrich the platform but also multiply your XP and consequently, your XW3 tokens. Come, engage, earn, and shape the future of decentralized applications and the Web3 space. Your journey starts with #BuildOnXircus and #XircusAirdrop. We can’t wait to witness the transformative impact you’ll make with us!

Season 1 winner list

Project has the sole discretion to decide if criteria for a campaign pay-out is fulfilled. Project reserves the right to deny anyone of their reward claims in suspected cases of cheating. Additional XP can be rewarded to users who are particularly active during the Project campaign. Campaign can be discontinued any time before the end of September, 2023 or extended.

Do not talk in the official Telegram groups about any airdrop/reward campaigns from Zealy or Gleam. Discussion takes places here: https://t.me/+ciTR1ohI3NUyNmRk

The Xircus Team

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