Xircus Web3 Protocol Is Now on Smoothie: Unlocking Trust in Web3

Xircus Web3 Protocol
2 min readAug 5, 2023

Web3 promises decentralization, community, and trust. But, in practice, discerning and trusting quality Web3 products has been a rollercoaster. Thankfully, there’s Smoothie — a platform where users can discover and build trust in the best Web3 products. And guess what? Xircus Web3 Protocol has joined the Smoothie family!

Short-Term Benefits:

1. Discover with Confidence: With Xircus now featured on Smoothie, users can explore its offerings backed by genuine user reviews, ensuring they get what they’re promised.
2. Review and Get Rewarded: Leave a review for Xircus on Smoothie and earn Smoothie Points. Your feedback not only aids the community but also adds weight to your reviews over time.
3. Engage in the Smoothie Awards: Upvote for Xircus and help it clinch the Smoothie Awards. Each vote doesn’t just elevate Xircus — it earns you points!

Long-Term Benefits:

1. WE grow with the Community: As more users review and upvote Xircus, its prominence on Smoothie increases, ensuring that you’re associated with a top-tier Web3 product.
2. Continuous Feedback Loop: Ongoing reviews ensure that Xircus keeps improving, offering users the protocol that evolves based on genuine user feedback.
3. Established Trust: With on-chain verified reviews, there’s proof that reviewers have genuinely interacted with Xircus. This not only ensures transparency but builds long-term trust.

Let’s Make Xircus Shine Together!

Every review and rating matter. By sharing your experience with Xircus on Smoothie, you’re shaping the Web3 narrative, championing quality, and helping others make informed decisions. Your feedback is the lifeblood for Xircus’s continuous growth and the beacon for potential users.

🚀 Your Call to Action: Head over to the Smoothie and cast your review. And while you’re there, why not upvote Xircus for the Smoothie Awards? Not only will this boost Xircus’s visibility, but you’ll also earn Smoothie Points in the process.

Don’t stop there! Engage with other user reviews, like the ones you find helpful, and participate in this vibrant community. Remember, every interaction on Smoothie brings Xircus one step closer to winning those coveted Smoothie Awards.

Have Web3 friends or products you believe in? Nominate them or introduce them to Smoothie. When you champion quality, you elevate the entire Web3 ecosystem!

Join us in making the decentralized future more trustworthy, and let’s celebrate the bright path ahead for Xircus on Smoothie! 🎉



Xircus Web3 Protocol

Xircus is The first WEB3.0 consensus that enables you to build your own dApp; shortest time-to-market / cost efficient / easy to setup >>> xircus.app