Xircus Strikes a Landmark Deal With LANDCO to Create Blockchain-enabled Waste Management Solutions

4 min readJan 15, 2024


Xircus & LANDCO

Xircus is proud to announce a landmark technology integration and partnership deal with LANDCO, a leading European-based socio-tech (waste management) company committed to creating impact-driven changes with their unique and patented waste treatment solution since 2005.

Shaking hands with LANDCO’s Founder & Director Mr. André Holzer, Xircus CEO Falco Pangkey said that their latest technology integration and partnership deal marks a new beginning.

“Our partnership with LANDCO will not only expand the utility of Xircus’s proprietary low-code and no-code technology, but also pave the way for the global web3 community and blockchain-driven startups to explore solutions that bring an impactful change,” he explained.

Discussing how Xircus aims to move forward, CTO Michael Molina added: “We are excited about the partnership with LANDCO. Talking of the integration process, our focus right now is on building layers of simple yet effective solutions.It is not going to be easy but we can definitely supercharge the underlying processes to ensure effective waste management at LANDCO.”

LANDCO has been pioneering effective waste management since 2005. They are committed to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. One of their waste treatment modules has been up and running in Antarctica since 2008.

Experts at LANDCO have also worked on joint programs with one of the world’s leading waste treatment companies, Veolia, the French-based multinational water treatment and waste management giant. Currently, LANDCO can process up to 2 tons of biodegradable waste per day, including those with high fat content. Their effective capacity to produce 190m³ of clean drinking water per day makes them a key player in the waste management industry.

Currently, their most robust operational solution, a bio-gas Plant with LANDCO Module, has the capacity to transform more than 50 tons of sludge, flood waste, and slaughter waste amongst other mass-produced waste products to provide clean drinking water, electricity, and bio-fertilizers on a daily basis. The smaller, Combo version, which is LANDCO’s recent innovation, processes 2 tons of biodegradable waste per day on average. What makes LANDCO’s Combo version stand out is the fact that it is really easy to set up anywhere, including resorts, hotels, or even in disaster relief areas and refugee camps.

Xircus partnership with LANDCO

Talking about the technology integration partnership with Xircus, LANDCO’s Founder & Director Mr. André Holzer said: “We have always been a strong proponent of integrating the latest technologies to explore and improve our waste management solutions. Since 2005, LANDCO has been consistently introducing innovative ways to disrupt waste management processes. We invest in research and development, it is a key to making sustainable development dreams a reality. Our partnership with Xircus is in line with our business philosophy where we keep innovation at the forefront.”

Highlighting the importance of their latest partnership, Mr Holzer continued: “Our partnership with Xircus is another step towards achieving our future goals. Every day, our industry is becoming increasingly important for humanity, and the entire ecosystem of our planet. We accept it as our mission to clean the Earth from waste so all living beings can enjoy their time here.”

“It has been almost 20 years that we have been creating new solutions in waste management to make our lives, and the lives of future generations, comfortable and safe. While humanity faces a number of challenges, LANDCO accepts them. We are ready to move forward, delivering the best of our technology to everyone in need — either by bringing it as a relief during a disaster, or by setting it up and running in an endangered area, or simply as a sustainable solution in a resort. No matter where it is used, the value of treating the waste and producing useful outputs such as electricity and clean water, is priceless.

At LANDCO, we believe that the implementation of blockchain technologies in our field will have a significant impact on the industry overall, and therefore on the whole world. That is why this partnership with Xircus is important to us. Both companies have big plans, and because LANDCO also works on creating space engineering solutions — so we could say that by joining forces, only the sky, or the Moon, or even Mars is the limit.”

While the way ahead seems equally exciting and challenging, together with LANDCO, Xircus has identified and proposed to create solutions that can make a few of the waste management processes comparatively cost-effective, transparent, and easy-to-manage and execute.

At Xircus, as we celebrate this important partnership and expansion, we also pledge to stand for a greener future for the planet.

With other exciting developments coming this week, we are sure our partnership with LANDCO will become stronger than ever. Once again as we seek your support, we commit to making Xircus your favorite in 2024.

Stay tuned, Go Green, and Keep Supporting!

Learn more about LANDCO by visiting their website: https://landco.eco.

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