Xircus: Revolutionizing Community Engagement with No-Code Telegram Mini Apps

5 min readMay 21, 2024


Xircus is making a groundbreaking leap by democratizing the creation of Telegram Mini Apps (TMAs). Our innovative no-code solution empowers anyone to develop and deploy mini-apps on the TON ecosystem with just a few clicks, offering unparalleled scalability and customization options. With tools like the Skin Designer and SDKs, designers, developers, and creators can craft niche or industry-specific apps, seamlessly incorporating web3 functionalities without the need for extensive coding knowledge.

This no-code solution by Xircus not only accelerates the deployment of Telegram Mini Apps but also opens up endless possibilities for innovation, allowing developers to focus on creating unique user experiences without the complexities of traditional app development. Among the first of these revolutionary modules are the “Quest” and “Clicker” modules, designed to be versatile engagement tools for any type of token community.

Introducing the Quest and Clicker Modules: Engaging Communities Like Never Before

The Quest module, similar to Zealy’s Quest2Earn, and the Clicker module, akin to notcoin’s engagement tools, are dynamic features tailored to enhance interaction within token communities. By integrating these modules, projects can significantly boost their social presence and create a more vibrant, interactive community environment.

What’s In It for Projects?

Cost-Effective Engagement Tools
Unlike Zealy, which charges up to $189/month for its Standard Plan, Xircus offers the creation of Quest TMAs and Clicker modules at no cost. Projects can develop their engagement tools without worrying about monthly fees, making it accessible for all community sizes.

Reward Your Community
Projects can reward users with NFTs, SBTs, or tokens for their participation in quests and clicker activities. This not only incentivizes engagement but also allows projects to distribute unique digital assets that can enhance user loyalty and participation.

Data-Driven Growth
Using Xircus, projects can build their ecosystem and gather valuable data such as wallet connections, distributed rewards, and the amount of time users spend on the TMA. This information is crucial for attracting investors who are interested in the project or Xircus as a whole.

Flexible Revenue Models
Xircus plans to offer the first 100 Quest project TMAs free of charge, including tasks like “follow/join Xircus.” Future revenue models might involve holding or burning a certain amount of XW3 tokens for continued use, ensuring the XW3 token remains highly desirable. These mechanics can be fine-tuned based on community votes.

What’s In It for Users?

Incentives and Fun Experiences
Users benefit from engaging with the Quest and Clicker modules by receiving rewards for their participation. This gamified approach not only makes the interaction enjoyable but also rewards users for their involvement, enhancing user satisfaction and loyalty.

Accessible to All Users
The Quest and Clicker modules are designed to be easily accessible for both Web2 and Web3 users, leveraging the inbuilt wallet functionality of Telegram. This ease of use ensures that anyone, regardless of their technical background, can participate in the community activities.

Global Accessibility
These modules are borderless, meaning they are accessible to users around the world, whether they are in China, Europe, or any other region. This global reach ensures that projects can engage with a diverse and widespread audience.

Visualizing the Opportunity

Traditional Zealy Campaign

In the image below, you can see the traditional Zealy campaign. This method is effective for building an initial audience, primarily driven by airdrop hunters who are attracted by the rewards. While this can result in significant user growth initially, it is often characterized by vanity metrics. The user base primarily consists of individuals focused on earning rewards rather than engaging deeply with the community. After the campaign ends, the motivation to continue participating drops, leading to a decline in community activity. Furthermore, Zealy campaigns are EVM-focused and gated by a paywall, making it less accessible and flexible for projects to design and manage their campaigns.

Xircus Quest Campaign

In the image below, you can see the Xircus Quest campaign. This innovative approach could replace traditional Zealy campaigns, particularly within the TON ecosystem where such mechanisms are currently lacking. By offering a free-to-use platform, Xircus allows projects to fully own their Telegram mini-app, control their data, and design their campaigns as they see fit. This flexibility and ownership enable projects to drive substantial traction and growth. As users join a specific project’s Quest app, they are incentivized to refer friends, further expanding the user base. Unlike Zealy, the Xircus platform integrates various products, ensuring continued engagement and retention. This integration includes features such as token minters, launchpads, and NFT minters, all within the TON ecosystem, providing a comprehensive solution for community building and engagement.


Xircus is setting a new standard for community engagement in the blockchain space with its no-code solution for Telegram Mini Apps. The Quest and Clicker modules exemplify this innovation, offering projects and users alike powerful tools to enhance interaction, drive engagement, and create lasting connections within token communities. By simplifying the development process and providing robust customization options, Xircus is paving the way for a more inclusive and dynamic ecosystem where creativity and engagement thrive.

The strategic vision of Xircus is to build traction and user engagement first, using these initial products to foster a strong, active community. As more projects onboard and leverage the Xircus Quest app, the cumulative growth and engagement will create a thriving ecosystem, positioning Xircus as a leading platform in the TON ecosystem. Exciting times are ahead as Xircus prepares to launch with several key projects, setting the stage for a new era of community-driven development and engagement in blockchain.




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