Xircus NFT — September update

It’s been a while but we are extremely excited to put it all together and share with you all that’s been going on. We have come a long way! Now with advanced product updates, we are all geared up for NFT creators and Dapps to deploy their own custom NFT marketplace with Xircus.

Over the last few weeks, we have been actively building and expanding the Xircus community. It called for consistent interaction and we are thankful to our community members who have been with us throughout with their valuable inputs. Before we discuss the solid steps we have taken with the Xircus platform, which is already accessible for the public, here’s a quick update about the Xircus token sale rounds.

Ensuring that our early investors and community members don’t miss the benefits that are exclusive to private sale rounds, we decided to create three distinguished presale stages instead of one. It was to ensure none of our pioneer members miss the chance to get Xircus tokens when they are at their lowest. The updates regarding the token sale stages had been duly communicated to all our community members in our Telegram group. We recommend our members to also visit the Telegram Voice chats: 1, 2, 3 to learn more about these developments.

  • Presale round A September 10
  • Presale round B September 20
  • Presale round C September 27
  • Public sale/IDO September 30

As you see, we received a lot of requests from early members to extend the presale. If you haven’t been able to get your Xircus tokens, you’re still in time.

Since conceptualizing, we have been extremely focused on developing the product. Our goal has always been to make the Xircus solution available to the community so that they can start creating their very own custom NFT marketplace at zero cost. The platform is operational and it is now accessible at https://beta.xircus.app/. To help guide Ringmasters navigate the platform, we have also created a demo video where we explain the “how-to” and the available features in the Xircus Beta NFT marketplace creation platform.

With a goal to onboard 500 Ringmasters, we are already working on creating a whitelist. We have already been receiving requests from creators who are looking to create their custom NFT marketplace. The whitelist includes a vetting process to ensure compliance. Onboarding creators is crucial. With more deployments on the Xircus platform, we will be able to achieve our goals of creating long-term intrinsic value for Xircus tokens. We are already working on immediate product adoption.

What’s next?

  • Launching advanced features for staking. During the main launch, we would also be releasing these features enabled for every invest/holder
  • We are preparing the NFT marketplace Premium user interfaces for music, gaming elements, sports, and fans as we have shown lately. In case you have missed it, see here:
  • Advanced features for the NFT marketplaces will be available and we would like to announce this in a live demo/presentation.
  • Expanding Business Development team: We are in the process of hiring more business development managers for product adoption in several geographical markets and “virtual markets like the crypto projects we have discussed in the voice call/podcast that will utilize Xircus, realize that there are nearly 10,000 tokens in the market. many of them even don’t have utility, Xircus could provide such utility for them directly)
  • We commence our presale round B today in our Xircus Auction pool. From this week we will also kickstart our mainstream campaigns; here’s the first introduction article of Xircus in AMBcrypto.com.
  • We have partnerships lined up which we will start announcing this week. We are already speaking with a few prominent gaming DApps looking to deploy and launch their custom NFT marketplace.
  • You will soon be catching us live presenting Xircus at major global Blockchain events. We would be taking the Xircus platform across the world to create brand awareness and more partnerships.

We are attending the following events in October the next month:

Dubai Blockchain week

  1. We will be at the Trescon World Blockchain Summit 13 & 14 of October 2021 at the JW Marriott Marquis hotel
  2. Future blockchain summit from 17th — 20th of October 2021 at the Dubai World Trade Centre

The famous Blockchain Life 2021 in Moscow Russia on the 27th and 28th of October 2021 at the Music Media Dome

The Netherlands
Blockchain Expo Amsterdam 2021 in Amsterdam on the 23rd — 24th of November 2021 At the RAI Amsterdam

Later in November, we will be in Lisbon, Portugal. More information on this event will be announced soon.

We will soon be back with further updates about the platform adoption. To join the Xircus community, please visit:



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