Xircus NFT Protocol in 3 minutes (Explainer video)

In the previous published articles (part 1, part 2) we have explained our vision aligned with the different phases of our product development timeline over the past few months.

After explaining how Xircus can be utilized in different business verticals like NFT ticketing, we would like to show you how easily Xircus can enrich your existing business, or kickstart your future business with literally no-code and in just a few clicks.

Together with Beau, and his video marketing agency “Slance”, which is our partner, we made this explainer video where you learn about Xircus in 3 minutes of time. In a separate set of articles and videos, the Xircus SDK will be covered, the backbone of Xircus.

In a few days we will explain more about the Xircus SDK we’ve created. Finally, after a couple of months we can showcase this.. Like I said in a video before during the month of April: “we are not delaying anything, instead we are expediting the development process and making big leaps forward.

I can promise you the Xircus SDK will be something next level as it’s has not been seen like this before. We still insist choosing direction over speed. Timing beats speed! And we feel this is the right time to go from here.. not to build something for the short term, we’ve built something that will make impact for decades.

Xircus is in town!
- core team



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Xircus NFT Protocol

Xircus NFT Protocol

The world’s first multi-chain gamified DAO platform that allows users to create and deploy custom NFT marketplaces. https://xircus.app/