Xircus Is Proud To Announce Jen Buakaew As Advisor

Xircus is proud to announce Jen Buakaew as a new member of the team as an advisor. Jen brings a vast pool of experience with decentralized technologies, and she is also one of the top global figures in the blockchain realm. Jen Buakaew has advised several blockchain projects such as SOLVE. During the last few years, Jen has led a Japanese owned crypto exchange, Zcom Ex, in Asia, where she was their COO. Currently, she is a Board Advisor for the US Blockchain Association, as well as for the European Commission for their Blockchers initiative funding SME’s using blockchain and DLTs across Europe.

With Jen’s commitment to guiding Xircus with its POAs and strategic growth, the team is supercharged before the IDO and Token Release Event (TRE) scheduled for Monday, 22nd November. To join the IDO, click here.

Yesterday, Co-founder Falco Pangkey was seen in a live video hinting at some fireworks in a live video captured while he was attending a meet of blockchain and fintech influencers and Elites in Dubai.

Watch Falco Pangkey Live here:


Explaining how having Jen Buakaew on the Xircus advisor board is a proud moment for all Xircus stakeholders, Falco Pangkey said: “ Jen has been highly active in the blockchain space and has intimate experience nurturing nascent projects and helping them make a mark. Xircus has immense disruptive potential to be a market leader by redefining NFT sales and purchases offers a distinct value to the community. With Jen, it would help us communicate and push Xircus with more conviction to all who can benefit from this powerful project.”

To learn more about how to create an NFT marketplace using Xircus or to be a part of the Xircus global community, reach us at:


Visit our website @ Xircus.app



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