Xircus IDO Is A Mega Hit! We Thank Everyone Who Participated To Make It A Success

Guys! What a ride it has been! The recently concluded IDO is a mega-hit. With over 50% of the allocated tokens getting sold in a matter of minutes, it has surpassed all our expectations. With close to three million Xircus tokens sold this evening, we couldn’t have asked for more. What’s more important is it all came through the Xircus’ native launchpad, and it fills us with immense confidence. What a way to go public, showcasing the practical utility of your ingenious product! The successful IDO is a testimony of the fact that we are inching closer towards our goal to make Xirucs the go-to platform for creators to launch their NFT marketplace and a top 30 token by market cap by the end of 2022.

We had an overwhelming response from the community, and with what transpired today during the IDO the confidence of our investors is self-explanatory. Ditching the conventional hype-marketing strategy, we unanimously focussed on creating a unique product with an indispensable utility for every existing and potential stakeholder of the evolving blockchain-driven NFT markets. In hindsight, you would agree that it was one of the best decisions that we took.

It paid! However, it has not been easy. And, though the industry insiders rigorously tested our commitment and diligence initially, they were impressed by our consistency and deliberations to make an operational tech-ready platform before we do any fundraising. It struck a chord, and here we have the results!

We Thank All Who Participated

At this point, we are thankful to all our pioneer community members and all those who have supported us in every little way possible to make today’s event a success. We also extend our gratitude to our advisors who allowed us to leverage their extensive networks to help present Xircus as a distinguished project to global investors. They were always there to ensure everything was well directed and our actions remained aligned to our larger goals.

Despite ups and downs, which are a part and parcel of creating anything that brings practical utility and adds value, we have managed to come out successfully so far! However, for the team, it is a start. We would like to inform all our existing and potential stakeholders that now we would be needing their support more than ever!

Our mission is to make Xircus the number one NFT marketplace creation platform that commands a fair share of the global NFT markets by the end of the third quarter of 2022. With active deployments on the platform, our conservative estimates are that Xircus tokens will demonstrate a value appreciation of 1000X in the first three months of the main sale.

Tokens Are Now Available On Pancakeswap

With the IDO concluding successfully, we are glad to inform you that we are already listed on Pancakeswap. The tokens will be available for the public on the top decentralized exchange now.

For those who have not been able to participate in the private sale rounds and the IDO, you’re still in time to become the first buyers on the DEX! Also, if you are new here, we have a dedicated how-to article to guide you through how you can buy Xircus tokens on Pancakeswap.

Expect some more fireworks later today! Also, this week will be sharing the details about our campaigns designed to target NFT creators and collectors. We already have a list of potential NFT creators who have been actively demonstrating sustained interest in monetizing their digital creatives using the Xircus platform. We also have surprises with a few top NFT sellers willing to migrate with some of their auctions on Xircus!

Stay tuned and get going!



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