What a week #8 “Fueling Blast Off”

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5 min readMar 7, 2023

“Greetings everyone! What a Week it was.. and we have some interesting news to share with significant milestones achieved.

Thank you for your support. Before you continue reading, make sure to follow us on all our social media platforms: https://hoo.be/xircusweb3."

Project highlights

  • We launched our very first WAWAMA officially, and you can check it out on Youtube:
  • We’ve onboarded a Community Lead with experience in initiating Polkadot communities and working for Ocean Protocol to help us build and strategize for Xircus’ growing community of social media managers. Very soon, he will be introducing himself.
  • Xircus x Draper Startup House is in full swing, with a Hackathon team consisting of a project manager, program manager, and marketing manager who are going successfully manage the first Hackathon and are now preparing to scale for future events.
  • We’ve introduced the Xircus drag-and-drop page builder, Shared a sneak peek in the previous WAWAMA, and compare it to WordPress or Wix on steroids for Web3! With this no-code solution, building web3 dApps is now easier and faster than ever. We’ll demonstrate the outcome at hackathons and accelerate no-code builders to launch and grow dApps in the Xircus ecosystem on the fly.
  • New Xircus.app website goes live anytime soon… counting down
  • IoTeX chain has been added to Xircus among the 12 other chains
IoTeX chain on Xircus
  • Xircus has undergone significant changes in the driver seat, including Erik (known as Web3Groot) being promoted from Operations Lead to Chief Operations after a year of hard work. We’ve also completed our “Leaders” team, consisting of an Operations Lead from MEXC, a QA/Engineering Lead from Polygon, and a Community Lead with extensive experience as an initiator of the Polkadot community and Oceans Protocol. With this strong Leaders in place, we are ready for what’s ahead!

Multiple partnerships have been announced:

  • Xircus Ringmasters (in Xircus, a Ringmaster is someone who builds, deploys, and manages their own dApp, which could be an NFT marketplace, DeFi platform, prediction market, and more) can now accept fiat currencies worldwide through various payment methods such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, Visa credit cards, or local bank wire, thanks to our partnership with Magik Labs. The fiat onramp lowers the barriers for any user by eliminating the need for them to pay with “crypto”
  • Our partnership with Web3 Arabs allows Arabic-speaking developers, entrepreneurs, and web3 enthusiasts to easily enter the Web3 space, expanding Xircus’ potential user base. The ambitious nature of the UAE people towards the web3 and metaverse is promising, and we are excited to see the ideas our platform will bring to life. Web3 Arabs have a growing community of thousands of members who are learning about Web3. The addition of members from the region will only amplify the potential impact
  • IoTeX, a competitor of IOTA, is opening its blockchain for mainstream use and inviting Xircus to utilize it fully. This means developers, creators, and users can now run their dApps and conduct transactions on IoTeX blockchain. We are working with IoTeX towards our partnership that includes a joint AMA within their community and collaborative marketing efforts between IoTeX and Xircus. Below is a tweet from IoTeX’s Co-Founder and CEO Raullen Chai
Xircus x IoTeX

Hackathon update:

  • The Xircus Hackathon Devpost has been published with the new date
  • We’ve created a Telegram community group for the Xircus Hackathon to support entrepreneurs and developers who will be building on Xircus
  • Registration for DevPost is now available
  • We’re currently producing exclusive Xircus Hackathon merchandise
  • Page builder 2.0 is undergoing stress testing and getting ready for use in hackathons
  • Marketing campaigns will commence soon
  • We’re in the planning stages for Xircus’ first uncapped global online hackathon with respected Hackathon partners

Community engagement

Currently, progress is being made toward establishing a strong foundation, despite having only completed a few initial stages of the process;

We have recently onboarded a Community Lead and are in the process of building a core community team consisting of leaders from various regions. As a result, we plan to distribute more engaging tasks to and with the Xircus community.

Recently, Banxe, a London-based bank specializing in both fiat and cryptocurrency, reached out to Falco Co-founder and CEO of Xircus to discuss his approach to the markets and shared his thoughts on their LinkedIn article. Instead of focusing on price speculation, it’s worth paying attention to the fundamental factors that drive the markets, as they can provide valuable insights. A potential partnership coming up with Banxe? Time will tell ;-)

Development progress:

  • Several updates on the SDK, see here for reference: https://www.npmjs.com/~xircusteam
  • We’ve added Supported Chains tabs in Xircus Studio and the Developers section
  • Updated IPFS Storage functionality
  • Added Magik Labs block
  • Added new blocks on the block editor
  • Added layout flexibility to switch between custom skin or block editor
  • Restructured code repositories for block and custom dApp UI (skin) developers for integration
  • Added support for Wallet Connect V1
  • Added Support for IoTeX

Xircus next steps

  • Finalizing the Xircus board of Advisors
  • Initiating the first phase of its community growth strategy (although the Discord part is still pending)
  • Launching the Arabic Telegram community group in partnership with Web3 Arabs
  • Creating the Xircus Hackathon Telegram community group
  • Finalizing the Developer's documentation
  • We have several exciting activities that we are not yet able to disclose, but we will share them with you as soon as they are ready to be announced

That’s it for now.. The WAWAMA with further elaboration on the shared progress will be published this week!

Full WAWAMA video:

Xircus is in Town!
-Core team



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