What a week #48 “Fool-Proof Web3”

Hello everyone! What a Week! It’s time for our weekly update. In the past week, we made some exciting progress. Looking forward to next week, we have lots of things going on right now. Stay tuned for more updates! Thanks for following along. Before you continue reading, make sure to follow us on all socials: https://linktr.ee/Xircus

Project Highlights:

  • Official Xircus Studio is currently in pending release stage
  • Information regarding the new Xircus 2.0 (XW3) token utility and the token migration has been released click here to read
  • The second stage of the product launch stage has been announced: “Toss Coins” click here to read more
  • After intensifying the collaboration with Draper Startup House we are enhancing the format of the Xircus hackathon, a complete program that will be focused on incubating startups and developers to build, launch and pitch to opinion leaders, investors and enthusiasts through several successive events.
  • New PR articles at Yahoo Finance, Business Insider and many more are currently in Pending release stage
  • The flash sale for pre-seed buyers from 2021 has begun, and we are in the final stages of closing this round in order to prepare for the rounds of strategic investor contributions.
  • Sneak peek of the new Xircus.app website is in preparation of users adoption through an intuitive User Interface design Click here to see the sneak peek
  • Product launch stages roadmap go-live on xircus.app/roadmap is pending release. Click here to see a sneak peek

Community Engagement:

After initiating the first steps for our social media campaign previous week, these are the ‘starting’ numbers and we cannot wait to kickoff the campaigns to ramp up the numbers and engagement.

  • Linkedin Company page: 213 followers
  • Medium blog: 600 subscribers
  • Instagram: 780 followers
  • TikTok: 38 followers
  • Twitter: 24.500 followers
  • Youtube: 341 subscribers
  • Telegram: 0 members
  • Discord: 0 members
  • Kickoff social media ‘shilling’ campaigns. The first contest will be announced with interesting prize pools, details will be published in a Medium blog post

Development progress:


  • Updated Market Deployer Contract
  • Marketplace Contract EIP20 Deployment
  • GraphQL Syncing Marketplace Contract Metadata to MongoDB
  • Custom Domain Configuration
  • Custom Category Creation
  • Updated GraphQL for App Info


  • Currency Whitelisting for Marketplace Contract
  • Changed Basis Points for Listing Fee
  • Custom Reward Token Configuration
  • Updated Reward Token Supply and Snapshot


  • Physical Marketplace Skin
  • Adult Marketplace Skin
  • Listing Function
  • Buy Function
  • Listing User Interface for Marketplaces
  • Buy User Interface for Marketplaces

Xircus Next Steps:

  • Information about the tokenomics of the XW3 token will be released
  • Xircus Hackathon new enhanced format will be presented
  • Kickoff the onboarding campaign and list token currencies as payment tokens within any Web3 dApp that will be deployed on Xircus
  • Kickoff seed round strategic partners
  • Xircus XW3 token Whitelisting campaign
  • Expanding team of social media managers and community managers WIP

Follow us everywhere you can: https://linktr.ee/Xircus

Xircus is in town!
- the core team



Xircus is The first WEB3.0 consensus that enables you to build your own dApp; shortest time-to-market / cost efficient / easy to setup >>> xircus.app

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Xircus Web3 Protocol

Xircus is The first WEB3.0 consensus that enables you to build your own dApp; shortest time-to-market / cost efficient / easy to setup >>> xircus.app