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5 min readJul 14, 2021


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About Xircus

Xircus is the world’s first multi-chain gamified DAO platform that allows users to create and deploy custom NFT marketplaces. In a few easy steps, Xircus users can create and launch a personalised NFT trading platform absolutely free of cost. A powerful, unique, and automated tool that empowers artists, influencers, content creators, collectors, and brands by allowing them to create a personalised NFT marketplace, Xircus is a pan-dimensional gateway to the world of non-fungible digital assets. Our decentralized software as a service (DSaaS) model makes the platform accessible to all. It is the easy, secure, time-efficient, and cost-less way to develop a personal market for your NFTs.


A Non-Fungible Token (NFT) is perhaps the most potent use case of blockchain technology. NFTs are unique because they offer the unbreachable leak-proof security layer to confirm the originality of digital assets they represent. Though the market for NFTs is nascent, the demand has been growing exponentially. Top NFT marketplaces have witnessed billions in trade. As the market grows so does the competition. Traditional or first-generation NFT marketplaces are a facilitator and not a full-proof solution. The idea behind Xircus has been to create an ultimate solution that empowers individual artists, influencers and collectors, by giving them the control that comes with the power to create their own NFT marketplaces.

The Philosophy

Decentralization has been a recurrent theme in blockchain’s journey so far. The promise to take the power from centralized institutions and give it back to the people is the single most influential proposition that drives the entire value system of the decentralized digital currencies. NFTs are a promising product in line. Traditional NFT marketplaces that provide access to this new class of digital assets solve many problems but one — providing the power and control to individuals, content creators, artists, and influencers amongst others. This is where Xircus steps in. It eliminates the role of intermediary platforms by allowing users to easily create custom NFT marketplaces without writing a single code.

Live tested

How easy can it be to create a platform that allows users to deploy their own NFT marketplace? One would say, it isn’t easy at all.

And that’s right it wasn’t easy until we successfully live tested deploying custom NFT marketplaces using the Xircus protocol.

We accepted the challenge and it took us nearly a year. Finally, here we are — tried and tested and successfully deployed different custom NFT marketplaces on Xircus.

Click here to watch how you can create a custom NFT marketplace without writing a single code.

Who is it for?

A layer-3 blockchain solution powering NFT marketplace dapps in no time

NFT marketplace dApps in no time

Xircus is a primary platform for all those who are currently losing a significant percentage of their profits to third-party NFT marketplaces. With Xircus they can actively create a custom NFT marketplace and sell non-fungible digital assets directly to their fans and followers. Our conservative estimate suggests Xircus can save NFT creators about $600 million within a year of its launch.

Additionally, by democratizing access to tokenization and NFT trading, the platform will empower all, be it an individual, a brand, an expert, (blockchain)startup or celebrity/influencer.

What makes us special?

Xircus is special, it is the first platform that allows users to create an NFT marketplace that they own and control. Further, the cross-chain compatibility ensures the platform supports all EVM compatible protocols. With the project tested live and marketplaces already deployed, we are ready to roll. The platform is powered by a native utility token which has multiple immediate applications within the Xircus ecosystem. It also features a Defi-powered token economy with rewards. Though initially, we have built on Binance Smart chain because of the low gas fees and fast transacting times, Xircus supports multi-chain deployment to different blockchain protocols like Polkadot, Solana, flow, and any other EVM compatible blockchains.

Our accomplishments

Here’s what it took to make Xircus live testing a success!

Q1 2021

  • Smart contracts ✔️
  • Wallet integration ✔️
  • DeFi features ✔️
  • Stablecoin integrated ✔️
  • DAO governance ✔️
  • Decentralized marketplaces ✔️
  • Prototype functional ✔️

Q2 2021

  • Xircus DeFi token ✔️
  • XMT tokens for marketplaces ✔️
  • Cross-chain integrations ✔️
  • Marketplace deployers ✔️
  • Statistic deployer ✔️
  • ERC721 collection deployer ✔️
  • ERC1155 collection deployer ✔️
  • Subdomain provisions via xircusnft.com ✔️
  • Core platform completed ✔️
  • Testnet launch ✔️
  • Launchpad creation ✔️

Because we are transparent

We are a community-driven transparent platform. We love to challenge ourselves. Here’s the list of goals we have set for ourselves which we are partly already unfolding in reality!:

Q3 2021 — Phase 1.0 (public soft launch)

  • Xircus 1.0 (Binance Smart Chain)
  • Onboarding first users
  • 3 token sale stages
  • Mainnet launch
  • Music features for music-related marketplaces
  • Features for influencers
  • Initial Dex Offering (IDO)
  • The Graph protocol integration for faster graph queries
  • Onboarding 500 ringmasters and dApps
  • Complete EVM compatible-blockchain integrations
  • Complete special collection deployer and contracts
  • Upgradeable Music UI and Sport UI Marketplace themes

Q4 2021 — Phase 2.0

  • WASM contract creation for Solana, Flow, and Near
  • Xircus mobile app (iOS + Android) release V1 with a crypto wallet and AR features
  • Xircus NFT TV App
  • Onboarding 2500 ringmasters
  • Cross-promote marketplaces
  • More marketplaces themes

Learn more about Xircus and visit our website: https://xircus.app/

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Xircus is The first WEB3.0 consensus that enables you to build your own dApp; shortest time-to-market / cost efficient / easy to setup >>> xircus.app