Weekly Update Xircus NFT — week 32

Last week was a rewarding experience! We have managed to take some solid steps towards expanding our reach and making the Xircus platform more user-friendly.

Guys before we start summarizing all that we have accomplished with Xircus over the past 7 days, we are excited to announce a new addition to the Xircus team. We now have Muhammad Irfan, a veteran blockchain marketer as an advisor to help us strengthen our marketing efforts with his wealth of experience helping blockchain startups expand their reach. Irfan is a long-time bitcoin user and a strong proponent of decentralization. He has been working with blockchain-based projects since 2014. Currently, he is spearheading his latest initiative — BountyPortals — leveraging his years of experience managing several bitcoin-related ventures. Read more here: https://xircus.medium.com/were-proud-to-announce-muhammad-irfan-as-an-advisor-766b9641b55e

Muhammad Irfan

We received multiple requests from our community members during our AMAs the previous week to expand local Xircus communities. We want to let you know that the team has already started building Xircus telegram communities in Vietnam and Turkey. The data available to us shows there are many active visitors on Xircus portal from the two countries. As such, we have decided to create localized communities..

We started off with our first limited private sale for the community members only. The regular “Private sale” commences Sunday 15th of August.

We also have an exciting referral program for all who participate in the Sunday private sale. All members who refer would get a 5% reward if the members whom they refer to Xircus participate in the private sale. This will be announced later today in an article on how to participate in the Xircus Private sale.

Xircus NFT Lightpaper published in Docsend

For those who want to learn more about the Xircus NFT marketplace creator platform, the good news is now we have published our Litepaper and is available on the Xircus website.

To read the white paper please visit (accessible through desktop, mobile, tablet):

We have also published the detailed Tokenomics and deal stages: Refer to token sale stages here in this section:

After we initially released a demo video the previous month, we started with user testing. During the process, we received multiple feedback and most were related to user experience. The product team has tried to enhance the user experience by making multiple advanced updates.

To make it smoother for users to interact with the NFT creator platform, we decided to put different parts of the marketplace into one dashboard where ringmasters can easily switch tabs to perform different actions.

Now with the updates in place, we believe the platform definitely works better — thanks to our users and community members who have contributed with their valuable feedback.

Here’s how the “oversight” section appeared to users before the update:

Here’s how it looks after testing with users and acting on their feedback:

This is how it looked before the latest update:

This is how collections looked like weeks ago:

And this is how it looks like after the iteration rounds:

As you can see, with the updates, it is definitely more user-friendly and we cannot wait to launch it!

If you do like this improvement, you would be even more surprised once we launch the platform at any moment!

Keep an eye on our social media channels.. hint hint ;-)


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