Weekly Update Xircus NFT — week 31

Thank you all for the overwhelming support you have shown for Xircus!

It was a great first week after we launched our social channels. Guys, honestly we are amazed by the sheer numbers and support for Xircus! Crossing 10,000 followers on Twitter, over 10,000 members joining our Telegram Community — all in just a week? This is no ordinary feat. And, it wouldn’t have been possible without your support. Thanks again!

As the community grows, we want to make sure our members are the first to get all the updates about Xircus. Therefore, we have decided to share a dedicated weekly summary of all the latest developments.

That said, we are also ramping up our efforts to take the community to other platforms. You can already find the latest demos and how-to videos from Xircus on Youtube. Documenting the developments with Xircus, we are also creating a startup journey featuring a video documentary that details what has been going on behind the scenes as we create Xircus. We very much expect the same support on youtube as well. Feel free to share and subscribe to our channel created for the Xircus community!

In the coming weeks, we will also be focussing on expanding our reach on Medium along with Twitter, Telegram, Reddit, and other crypto-friendly platforms.

Were you there..?? We Got Unexpected Participation In the AMAs

Last week we were invited to two different AMA sessions. We were live, answering questions on one of the most popular ICO/IDO investor-oriented channels in Asia, “Shin Chan.” The interview was amazing, there were so many exciting questions from the community members (click here to read the recap — we’ll also re-publish this in our Medium).

We were also invited to participate in Vietnam’s biggest crypto community “Master Coin Group.” It was an equally rewarding experience. AMAs are important, they help bridge the gap and overcome communication barriers. Most importantly you get to know anything “you” want to know about Xircus. It also helps investors get more advanced ideas about our platform and its potential.

If you weren’t able to catch us live there, worry not! We promise there are more AMAs around the corner!

Press And Partnerships

Representation in the press — especially, in top media outlets that report nothing but all that’s newsworthy in the world of finance — is critical to growing the global reach. We have been actively pursuing it and as a result, you might have noticed, on our website — we have already been published by leading media publications like Business Insider, Yahoo Finance, Benzinga, Marketwatch and Digital Journal. We believe Transparency is the core to building relationships. Sharing periodic updates and releases is just a step to nurture this ongoing business relationships with all existing and potential Xircus stakeholders.

We are also excited to announce that we’ve partnered with BNPH, a leading Blockchain firm in Asia with years of experience and tons of experience working with big projects like Chainlink and Cosmos.

It’s just the first week of our public launch; however, our technical development team has been kicking it for the past 7 months. We are planning to present the tokenomics and full whitepaper this week! Later on this week you will also notice us on listing sites like ICOholder and ICOdrops. In the meantime, we keep connecting with communities as we commence the very first ‘private community sale’ which is starting today for the early birds (secure your spot in the private community sale by filling in this form).

So what’s happening on the tech side? Let’s find out:

Development updates

Mikey has been acing the development on the technical front. Here’s a list of updates:

a) Improving the UI: Adding gradients and spaces, we now have a website that looks modern, breathable and is easy to navigate. The upside is users can now easily focus on what they need, and get around seamlessly. To improve user experience, we have created simplified categories of product groups with similar features and functionalities making it easier for users to pick what they need. We stick to having a minimal design starting from the dashboard and the menu. The menu now comprises the fundamental products Xircus offers, such as Explorer, Deployer Studio, Auction and DeFi Studio amongst others.

Here’s a quick brief about what each of these fundamental products do on the Xircus platform.

Xircus Explorer: The native Xircus search engine known as Explorer allows users to discover other NFT marketplaces deployed by ringmasters (NFT marketplace creators). Using the Explorer tool, users can engage with the marketplaces, stake by curating and delegating, help increase the marketplace reputation and also view essential statistics about a marketplace performance.

Deployer Studio: The ultra-powerful tool that allows Creators to deploy their NFT marketplace in six easy steps

Auction: Using the Auction tool members on the Xircus platform can participate in auction pools and their subpools with custom rates and finder’s fee configuration. The auction pool contains whitelisting, vesting and cliff features, rate, min and max settings, instant payouts, stable swaps, and scheduling. Users can also track each contributor and subpool stats.

DeFi Studio: An essential tool on the Xircus platform, DeFi Studio allows users to deploy “stakeable contracts” where all members can stake tokens. The staking contract emits NFT items on a recurring schedule set by the deployer. We will soon announce further details of the DeFi studio once we have enough data to analyse so we can tailor the product functions to cater to the particular needs of ringmasters and their marketplace.

b) Deployer Studio Six-step Deployment Wizard

The first step to start creating an NFT marketplace leveraging the Xircus Deployer Studio is to select the blockchain network of choice. The multi-chain feature of the Xircus platform allows ringmasters (NFT creators) to deploy to any EVM compatible blockchain. A simple drop-down on the Deployment wizard menu allows marketplace creators to select their preferred option.

The next step is to fill a simplified form where creators share essential information about their marketplace. We made this form simple and easy for all NFT creators to quickly get started with deploying their NFT marketplace. The essential information is used to customize the name, url and logo of the marketplace for their branding. The form filling process also includes a subdomain verification to ensure that no other marketplaces use the same name and the url.

As NFT creators fill the form, the Deployer Studio automatically generates a custom domain unique to the marketplace such as xircusnft.com. With subsequent updates, NFT creators will also be able to upgrade their domains and have more unique options to choose from such as nyft.app and niftydrops.app and more.

As the system generates a unique url, Creators can get started with the third step which is to deploy the Metacenter. “The metacenter stores all the marketcenter and collection stats, item stats, user stats, earnings, distribution details, gamified rank and levels and ambassador invites.” In this update we have also made the Metacenter deployment process easier. Ringmasters can now just hit the deploy button and it automatically fills the information Creators provided while filling the form in the previous step. The automation ensures there is no need to add an extra input field and just focus on selecting which meta to select and proceed to the fourth step.

Here, the MarketCenter form allows the ringmaster to set the mint fee in USD as the creator needs to pay an equivalent amount of tokens to mint their NFT items. The ringmaster can also change the transaction fee which is the percentage deducted from every on-chain purchase. Example, if the price of the NFT item is $100, 2.5% is transaction fee, $2.5 deducted from $100, $97.5 is sent to the creator (we don’t add commission charge of 30%) so the creators get the most of it. $2.5 will then be split to 3 receiving parties, 50% to ringmaster, 25% to ambassador, and 25% to Xircus platform. We even simplified the process of selecting acceptable payment tokens. We created a form where token creators and dapps can submit their token that is paired with a stable coin from any decentralized exchanges (multi-dex). They can add more accepting tokens after the marketcenter is deployed. The ringmaster needs to select the deployed marketplace to register the provisional subdomain. This is required for the fifth step to bridge the Metacenter, MarketCenter and collections contracts.

“The marketcenter is essential as it is the payment processor, swap and liquidity controller of the marketplace”

Fifth, the Collection form offers different kinds of standard and special collection contracts that mints the NFT items. Currently, we have standard ERC721 and ERC1155 contracts with fixed price, auction and time-auction feature, listing, unlockables and adding extra urls or IPFS link. The ringmaster can choose from any of the options, fill out the name and symbol fields and deploy the contract.

Sixth, the Completion greeting card where the ringmaster can click on the url button to launch and visit the newly deployed marketplace.

We focused primarily on using 2 important wallets, a browser wallet using Metamask and mobile-sdk wallet using WalletConnect. WalletConnect allows users to use any mobile wallet like Trust, Metamask, Argent, Rainbow, Huobi, and any wallet powered by https://walletconnect.org/

We are continuously improving the Standard Marketplace UI for the smoothest user experience possible.

Stay tuned for our future development updates!

For more information visit our website https://xircus.app/

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