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5 min readJan 21, 2024


LANDCO Waste management x Xircus

Greetings Xircus Family,

We know you’re brimming with excitement, as much as we are. Last week, we announced a very crucial technology integration deal with LANDCO to create and implement proprietary blockchain solutions that will help us make the conventional waste management and water treatment processes more efficient.

First of all, we want to tender our sincerest apologies to all who have shared with us a proposal/opportunity and haven’t heard back from us yet. Following the announcement, we continue to receive a lot of support, and invitations to many different opportunities which we have certainly noticed but are yet to respond to. Each of you are valued and we will definitely get back to you with all the attention you deserve. At Xircus, we value collaboration and combined efforts to create meaningful solutions.

Acknowledging suggestions from experts and community members
Further, we’ve also received suggestions from members of our expert Xircus advisor community and many questions from global web3 innovators with an intention to learn more about us and also contribute to Xircus’ business goals. We take them seriously as they have been instrumental in our journey so far.

In case you missed the last update

Before we talk more about what’s going on behind the scenes, how we plan to move ahead with LANDCO partnership, what actionable solutions you can see in coming days and answer a few other pertinent questions, if you haven’t read about our partnership with LANDCO yet, we request you to please visit here and learn what the partnership entails: Click here to read.

Also, you can read more about how Xircus is committed to the UN’s sustainable development goals a policy which led to the partnership with LANDCO here: https://xircus.medium.com/expanding-frontiers-can-xircus-help-businesses-achieve-the-uns-sustainable-development-goals-0dd6713fa62e

Now let’s quickly answer the quintessential question to help you understand what our partnership with LANDCO means, what’s the motivation behind and how it will help Xircus in terms of business opportunities and elevate our position as a leading low-code and no-code web3 solution.

The Motivation

One of the core components of our business philosophy since the inception of Xircus has been that technology must be an enabler and a solution to a problem. It must intend to create a solution that makes things better and positively impact a larger community. If we’re not solving anything for people at large, we are not making the best use of technology.

The world generates approximately 2.01 billion tonnes of municipal solid waste annually. This amount is projected to increase to 3.40 billion tonnes by 2050, more than double the population growth over the same period. High-income countries, which account for 16% of the world’s population, generate about 34%, or 683 million tonnes, of the world’s waste​​. Upper-middle- and high-income countries provide nearly universal waste collection, while low-income countries collect about 48% of waste in cities and only 26% outside urban areas. Sub-Saharan Africa collects about 44% of waste, while Europe and Central Asia and North America collect at least 90%​​.

The Task

To help achieve effective waste management, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) focuses on minimizing waste and promoting recovery of materials and energy from waste. UNEP also supports integrated solid waste management systems and proper treatment of special wastes.

While the UNEP has many different suggestions and measures to achieve this SDG, these are a few broad areas where Xircus is focussing:

a) creating integrated systems for effective waste management;

b) use motivation as a tool and incentivize positive action by integrating blockchain-driven ecosystem — smart contracts can be very effective in creating transparent incentivization models;

c) and help with automation and tracking of waste management which can be easier and more secure with the implementation of the blockchain technology.


LANDCO’s experience with ensuring effective water treatment and waste management made it easy for us to seal the partnership deal. They have been in the industry for nearly two decades creating their proprietary solutions and modules that are capable of treating 50 tons of sludge, flood waste, and slaughter waste amongst other mass-produced waste products to provide clean drinking water, electricity, and bio-fertilizers on a daily basis. They are effectively processing 2 tons of biodegradable waste every day enabling them to produce 190m³ of drinking water in a twenty four hour cycle. Moreover, their commitment to SDGs and quest for exploring new ways to make their proprietary solutions more effective paved the way for a mutually meaningful opportunity.

The Plan

Our team is already at it. We are assessing the waste management systems and mapping the underlying processes to identify the gaps. The first assessments will help us to create the foundation of the layers of blockchain enabled technical solutions. These layers will then be used as prototypes and put to test. The blueprint is ready and once the assessment processes are complete we will also have an actionable roadmap to successful integration.

The Good News

Xircus is expanding. You heard that right. Our partnership with LANDCO is already a major step towards our expansion goals but there is more to it.

Consider this update as an announcement to something big coming. If you’ve been actively following our channels you may have already gotten a hint of it.

Yeah! We know some of you who have already been talking about it and waiting for an official announcement. Let’s keep it till here for today!

Honestly, we are just taking it slow to ensure that every step we take is not just a move ahead for the project but also factors the interests of our stakeholders and supporters. You’re the heartbeat of Xircus!

Stay tuned, if you haven’t joined our community yet, get there fast as you’ll be missing the best of it!

Learn more about LANDCO by visiting their website: https://landco.eco.

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