Tokens Migration Principles for XIRCUS to XW3

2 min readDec 28, 2023

This document outlines the fundamental principles for the migration of XIRCUS to XW3 tokens. Our approach emphasizes fairness and precision in the redistribution of new XW3 tokens to existing XIRCUS token holders.

Fair Distribution Mechanism

Chain Analysis Utilization:

  • To ensure an equitable distribution, we are currently in the proces of Chain Analysis. This involves extracting all buying and selling activities of XIRCUS tokens.
  • The average buy-in price for XW3 tokens will be calculated based on this comprehensive historical data.

Conversion Ratio:

  • based on buy-in moments:


  • 0.34–0.27 >>> 1 : 3
  • 0.26–0.20 >>> 1 : 2
  • 0.19–0.12 >>> 1 : 1
  • 0.11–0.04 >>> 2 : 1
  • 0.04–0.02 >>> 6 : 1
  • 0.02 — 0.002 >>> 12 : 1

Special Conversion Ratio for Early Investors

Recognition of Early Investors who participated in this pool:

  • A group of early-stage investors, who invested a total of 170K, will be subject to a different conversion ratio.
  • This group consists of both “Diamond Hand” holders (who never sold their XIRCUS tokens) and those who partially sold their tokens.

Conversion Ratios for Early Investors:

Diamond Hand Holders:

  • These holders will receive a 1 : 1 conversion ratio, recognizing their unwavering support and loyalty.

Partial Sellers:

  • Those who partially sold their tokens will receive a 1.25 : 1 conversion ratio.

Claiming Process

Token Claiming Via Xircus Studio:

  • Token holders can claim their XW3 tokens on our Xircus Studio platform.
  • The claiming process is designed to be user-friendly and secure.

Incentives for XIRCUS Token Holders

Special Old-Token Staking Pool:

  • To further reward our loyal XIRCUS token holders, we have introduced a special old-token staking pool.
  • Participants in this staking pool will earn perpetual passive income.

Staking Benefits:

  • By staking their tokens, old token holders will receive a 5% return on transaction and listing fees.
  • This serves as a continuous incentive for holding and staking XIRCUS tokens.


Our migration strategy is crafted to be the fairest possible, ensuring that all stakeholders are treated equitably. Through the use of Chain Analysis for accurate distribution and additional incentives like the special staking pool, we aim to maintain a robust and thriving token ecosystem.

Next Steps

  • Detailed guidelines for the migration process will be provided on our official channels second week of January.

For any queries or assistance, token holders are encouraged to reach out through our support team! >> @web3groot, @falcoXircus (on telegram)




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