The Xircus Ambassador Program: Earn up to $1000 per Month

3 min readMay 16, 2024


The Xircus Ambassador Program is a community initiative designed to help grow the Xircus ecosystem. It’s divided into four tiers, each offering its own set of benefits and rewards. From becoming a Xirconaut-Juggler to ascending as a Xirconaut-Strongman, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to showcase your passion for building a decentralized Web 3 ecosystem with Xircus. Plus, by joining the program, you’ll gain exclusive access to special perks and limited-edition swag. Below we will share details about the project, how to become an ambassador, and what rewards await you.

What is Xircus?

Xircus is set to democratize the creation of Telegram Mini Apps through its no-code solution. Our platform will enable anyone to develop and deploy mini-apps on the TON ecosystem with just a few clicks, offering unprecedented scalability and customization options. With the Skin Designer and SDKs, designers, developers and creators can create niche or industry-specific apps, and incorporating web3 functionalities without the need for extensive coding knowledge.

This no-code solution by Xircus not only accelerates the deployment of Telegram Mini Apps but also opens up endless possibilities for innovation, allowing developers to focus on creating unique user experiences without the complexities of traditional app development.

Rewards for Ambassadors

By becoming a Xircus Ambassador, you can expect rewards

Receive XW3 tokens (3% of our total Token Supply is allocated for programs like these)

1️⃣ Expand the branding (emojis, stickers, memes, templates, XircusSkins etc)

2️⃣ Moderating the community (be actively involved in streamlining the community, take part in conversations, share your knowledge with the group, create insightful content)

3️⃣ Building with Xircus tooling (use the Xircus Skin Designers to create new industry of niche specific templates, build XircusModules using our SDKs to add new web3 functionality blocks in our builders library)

Exclusive early access to special perks, giveaways, or news

💎 We offer an exclusive XircusPunk for the first 100 Ambassadors who get to Xirconaut-Acrobat status! Check our white paper to get the full grasp of owning this unique NFT

Receive exclusive swag

🎩 You saw us shining in multiple photos and videos at events and during interviews. Xircus shirts, caps, and stickers are becoming increasingly popular!

The Structure of the Ambassador Program

The Xircus Ambassador Program comprises four roles:

Tier 1 — Xirconaut-Juggler: A new member of the Xircus community who has been active for at least two weeks.

Tier 2 — Xirconaut-Acrobat: An entry-level community, builder or designer contributor who is eager to expand their knowledge about Xircus and contribute to community/ecosystem growth.

Tier 3 — Xirconaut-Tamer: A key contributor to the Xircus community, responsible for onboarding and guiding new Xirconaut-Acrobats, while also continuing to leverage and cultivate their expertise in their chosen contribution track.

Tier 4 — Xirconaut-Strongman: Xircus’ official ambassadors, representing and advocating for Xircus locally. Actively contributing to growth initiatives, marketing campaigns and raising awareness of Xircus tools.

How to Become an Ambassador

As part of this program, you will be given role after role by fulfilling the required conditions. Here’s where you have to start:

  1. Join the Official Telegram group
  2. 👉 Read more about all the necessary requirements and apply here 👈




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