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Without a doubt, Web3 is the future, and it just so happens that this moment in time is the dawn of that future. We at Xircus WEB3.0 Protocol (Xircus) are a significant part of this euphoric future, but it takes two to tango. We want to bring you aboard this adventurous train. We are the ultimate enablers, so everyone can join us. We cater to connection and utility with all kinds of companies (even SDKs and other WEB3.0 projects and companies).

We consider ourselves pioneers. We transitioned our entire platform from an NFT marketplace deployer to a WEB3.0 app deployer and protocol (as you can read in our latest article, Xircus, from NFT Marketplace Deployer to Web3 Protocol). Our Mystery Boxes contain a special gift for the most important users of our protocol — the developers — and the special gift is our Software Development Kit (SDK).

Oh, and near the end of this article we have the Founders explaining the Xircus SDK video presentation + some interesting links where you can start playing with our SDK ;-)

What Is an SDK?

A SDK, also known as a devkit, is simply a set of software development tools created to enable developers to build a custom app that can be added on or connected to another program. Many app developers now use SDKs to build apps with advanced functionalities such as fetching data, performing complicated actions, and in 2022, development of WEB3.0 apps and protocols — Xircus Web3 Protocol being a prime example.

Why We Created Our Game-Changing SDK

About a year ago, Xircus rolled out its first version as an NFT marketplace deployer, where users created and deployed numerous successful custom NFT marketplaces at zero cost. However, things have taken a much better turn today. We have transformed into a full-blown WEB3.0 protocol powering the creation of progressive dApps set to disrupt the WEB3.0 space. We figured that in order to achieve development success faster, we have to create a protocol that will enable developers to build on top of Xircus and help expand the WEB3.0 space as a whole.

Notably, the SDKs available in the crypto world today require too many configurations before you can use them. Also, many of them have limitations and limited blockchain support, which translates to less control and limited integration possibilities. This implies that adding new features, functionalities, and support to other blockchains on most pre-existing SDKs is for the most part impossible.

With the Xircus SDK, achieving all that and more is very much possible as we no longer rely on third-party SDKs built by other companies. By having our own SDK, we now control what we can add and integrate faster. With the SDK, we have simplified how to interact with blockchain networks, smart contracts, and wallet providers. Our robust protocol has also published JavaScript libraries for React frameworks, built Node modules, and prepared database schemas for setting up GraphQL servers custom-tailored to WEB3.0 applications. With all this in place, we are confident that we will grow faster as we have everything running on our very own protocol.

Our SDK makes it easy to build WEB3.0 apps within the shortest time-to-market, both frontend and backend, especially the Application Programming Interface (API) that provides fast data for web and mobile apps. We have also created pre-built code repositories that developers can deploy just at the tap of a button without writing a single line of code. Currently, we have 3 SDKs: An SDK for node applications, an SDK for React frameworks with hooks and components, and another SDK for GraphQL API setup and installable command line program to publish smart contracts to servers and generate boilerplates. In the grand scheme of things, all this is a testament that our platform is scalable, future-proof, and resilient.

Specific Use Case for Developers

Xircus Web3 Protocol has exciting use cases for developers since it’s simplified how to;

Interact with different blockchain networks, prepare contract calls, compile and publish smart contracts directly from their repositories.

Presently, the Xircus platform supports all EVM blockchains, as the capability to instantly switch between multiple blockchains in one call is also possible through the SDK. For example, if developers deploy their smart contracts to our server, they can use it for their WEB3.0 dApp by just calling the contract ID found in the studio. They can also deploy these published smart contracts to any blockchain network of their choice. Additionally, they can view the functions and events that are available from the contract they published.

Another user case perk of our SDK is that developers can batch requests from multiple blockchain networks through the Application Programming Interface (API). If they want to get the account balance of a wallet address from Ethereum, Fantom, Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon, They can effortlessly do so in just one API call. The icing on the cake is definitely the complementary result of the synergy of JS Core, React, and GraphQL SDKs. Therefore, our protocol is the go-to place for developers.

For More Information

To know more about our SDK, hearing it all from the horses’ mouths, The CEO, CTO and COO, watch the video of them educating the public about our unique SDK and more!

Our SDK is already useful for developers to get familiar with our protocol, experience the functionality and develop ideas for their own dApps. Feel free to share these links with your developer friends or people who get excited about programming and building their own dApp 🤗





This article is the first of 12 write-ups written to enlighten you about the Xircus WEB3.0 Protocol, which is currently in its 12-week launch plan.

However, this is just the beginning!

Xircus is in town!

- core team

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Xircus is The first WEB3.0 consensus that enables you to build your own dApp; shortest time-to-market / cost efficient / easy to setup >>>

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Xircus Web3.0 Protocol

Xircus Web3.0 Protocol

Xircus is The first WEB3.0 consensus that enables you to build your own dApp; shortest time-to-market / cost efficient / easy to setup >>>