Solution 7 — MostRewarding — Rewards Galore: Xircus Unlocks the True Potential of Dapp Building

4 min readMar 22, 2023


In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, sustainability is crucial for the long-term success of any blockchain protocol. Xircus Web3 Protocol stands out in this regard, thanks to its diverse and robust revenue streams. The protocol generates income through a combination of credit listing fees, transaction fees, platform cuts from the (re)selling of skins and modules, contributions to launchpad initiatives, liquidity pool swaps, ad spots, and provider subscriptions. This multifaceted approach ensures the financial sustainability of the Xircus ecosystem, enabling it to continually adapt and thrive in the competitive world of decentralized applications.

The Xircus ecosystem is designed to create opportunities for various contributors, including Ringmasters, Ambassadors, Developers/Designers, Providers, and DAO members. Each of these roles plays a crucial part in the overall success of the platform, and they all stand to benefit from their involvement in distinct ways:

  1. Ringmasters — the Marketplace Owners

As a marketplace owner or Ringmaster in the Xircus ecosystem, you can earn revenue from the dApp listing and transactions that take place on your marketplace. This means that you will collect a certain percentage of the transaction fees that occur on your platform. Additionally, by holding XW3 tokens, you can participate in staking contracts and receive passive rewards. This means that you can earn additional tokens as a reward for simply holding a certain amount of XW3 in your wallet. By participating in staking contracts, you are also contributing to the overall health of the Xircus ecosystem by helping to secure and validate transactions on the blockchain network.

2. Ambassadors — the Vital Supporters

Ambassadors play a vital role in promoting and supporting the Ringmasters and the Xircus Ecosystem, helping it to gain traction and grow. They can earn rewards for their efforts in bringing new users and marketplaces to the platform. Ambassadors can utilize their networks and social media platforms to promote the Xircus-powered marketplaces, encouraging their followers to use the platform. They can also participate in referral programs and earn rewards for each successful referral they bring to the platform. Overall, ambassadors contribute significantly to the growth of the Xircus Ecosystem and are rewarded for their efforts.

3. Developers & Designers — Tech Brains & Visualizers

Developers and Designers are essential contributors to the Xircus ecosystem, as they provide the creative ideas and technical expertise necessary to develop new skins and modules for the dApps. Think of a Themeforrest/CodeCanyon kind of environment. By creating these custom skins and modules, developers can earn income from the initial sale and subsequent reselling of their creations, as well as from rental fees for the modules they’ve developed. This incentivizes developers to create high-quality products that will be in demand by dApp owners and encourages them to continually develop and improve their skills.

Additionally to creating and selling skins and modules, developers can also be part of the Xircus Workforce, which is a community-driven effort to support the Xircus ecosystem. They can offer their skills and services for tasks such as community support, development on community-voted proposals, or any other skills they may have that can be utilized by the Xircus platform. This creates an additional income stream for developers, while also allowing them to contribute to the growth and success of the Xircus ecosystem. It’s similar to a Fiverr-like solution where developers can offer their services and be paid in reward tokens.

4. Providers — Data Masters

In the Xircus ecosystem, Providers play a crucial role in providing data to the protocol. By locking up $10,000 worth of XW3 tokens annually, providers gain the ability to participate as data providers. This means that they will be responsible for hosting the Xircus Web3 Protocol and providing data to the protocol users. In exchange for their services, providers receive a 20% revenue share from the total platform revenue, which includes all the revenue generated from the transaction fees and listing fees. This incentivizes providers to provide high-quality and reliable data to the protocol, ensuring that the Xircus Web3 Protocol remains functional and efficient for all users.

5. DAO Members — The Voice

DAO members are an integral part of the Xircus ecosystem and are granted exclusive access to various features and privileges. Holding Xircus Punks tokens gives members permanent voting rights, allowing them to participate in different voting and governance areas within the platform. Additionally, DAO members receive discounts on primary sales of modules and skins, making it easier and more affordable to enhance their marketplace offerings.

DAO members can also participate in premium staking contracts that offer higher rewards compared to non-DAO staking contracts. These staking contracts are only available to DAO members and provide a way for them to earn perpetual rewards generated by the platform’s fees and commissions. These rewards are redistributed among DAO members, creating a mutually beneficial system where members can earn passive income and contribute to the growth of the ecosystem.

Furthermore, DAO members also have exclusive access to the DAO Lounge, which is a community space where they can connect with Xircus founders, country managers, and other entrepreneurs within the Xircus consensus. This provides members with opportunities for early-stage financing, future projects, and pitch circles, as well as in-depth discussions about their marketplace and target niche.

> The Ecosystem with a Reward for Everyone

In summary, the Xircus ecosystem is structured to provide incentives and rewards to various contributors, promoting a collaborative and thriving environment that benefits all parties involved!

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