Solution 1 — “XircusSkins” — Niche-Specific Templates and Saved Sanity

2 min readMar 14, 2023

Building web3 dApps can be an arduous journey for developers, with obstacles ranging from troubleshooting bugs to dealing with high development costs. But even after they overcome these challenges, there’s still the issue of time, with product testing and user acceptance taking longer than anticipated. However, in our upcoming articles, we will dive into how Xircus overcome these obstacles and explore the key features and use cases of our Protocol. While the journey may be challenging, the reward is worth it, and as technology continues to advance, the path will become smoother for every user of our ecosystem. So, let’s gear up and take on the hurdles of building web3 dApps!

The Xircus Web3 Protocol offers a unique USP in the form of skins and modules, which provides dApp owners with a quick and easy way to choose and change the look and feel of their dApp without the need to build or design a new interface from scratch. This makes scaling and future-proofing the protocol much easier, as designers and developers can focus on improving the skins and modules, rather than having to constantly rebuild the interface.

The skins themselves are niche-specific, meaning they are designed to provide features and functionality that are relevant to a specific industry or niche of the marketplace. For example, the Music Skin provides a player for music, while the Video Skin provides a player for video. The skins are also upgradeable, with both free and premium options available, allowing dApp owners to add new features and functionality as needed.

In addition to the time-saving and cost-efficient benefits, the most rewarding feature of XircusSkins is the ability for developers and designers to create their own styled skins and offer them to users.

XircusSkins also offer deflationary and rewarding features through buy-backs, with a percentage of the buy price from both XircusSkins and created skins automatically instigating a buyback to stakes, buyback to pension, and liquidity and burn $XW3 tokens.

We call ourselves disruptors of the Web3 space! Let’s see if you come to the same conclusion.

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