Pre-release Update: Xircus Staking Contract to Launch Wednesday, January 5th late afternoon?

According to the product release schedule, the team is proud to announce that we are all set to launch the Xircus staking contract. At Xircus, we are obliged to learn that many investors who have demonstrated continued interest in Xircus and those who have added Xircus tokens to their portfolio of digital assets have been eagerly waiting for opportunities to stake with Xircus. Now, with the release of the Xircus staking contract, following which all Xircus token holders will be able to leverage their acquired tokens to earn fixed rewards, the wait is soon to be over.

What to Expect?

The staking contract is designed to incentivize token holders as they choose to stake their acquired tokens to secure the network and provide liquidity. It also provides investors high flexibility to choose how long and how much they want to stake. Most importantly, the rewards are highly promising for early birds. It is a unique opportunity to grow your crypto wealth with Xircus. Let’s take a quick look at the salient features and benefits of staking with Xircus:

  • Earn 150% APY — Token holders who chose to stake their acquired Xircus tokens will benefit from promising 150% APY (Annual Percentage Yield). It is the fixed reward for those who chose to stake their Xircus tokens. Early investors and staking partners are guaranteed this high APY, but with growing transactions on the network, the APY would flatten out over a period of time.
  • Claim Rewards in Just 30 Days: Token owners can claim staking rewards by locking their tokens for a minimum of 30 days. The rewards will be credited automatically on completion of the locking period. The minimum 30 day locking period allows investors greater flexibility when deciding how long they want to stake.
  • Start Staking with As Little As 1000 Xircus tokens: In order to ensure that the majority of investors get access to staking opportunities with Xircus, the minimum threshold is just 1000 $XIRCUS. It means, to start staking with Xircus one would require to hold a minimum of 1000 tokens.
  • A Maximum of 2M Tokens can be Staked: The staking contract allows for a maximum of 2M tokens that can be staked at any given point in time.

With the integration of staking opportunities following the release of the staking contracts, token owners will be able to generate guaranteed rewards. It will help them mitigate market volatility and create a passive income with their Xircus holdings. As staking will allow the Xircus protocol to incentivize liquidity providers, it will also strengthen the liquidity pool over a period of time.

Further details will be published following the release of the staking contracts. The post-release update will entail specific details about how to start staking with Xircus, including a step-by-step guide. We humbly encourage all community members to share their ideas and inputs.

To learn more about the releases scheduled in the coming weeks please visit:

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