Now NFTs More Searched On Google Than Dogecoin! And It’s Not Just Digital Arts

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are making inroads into a range of industries, their popularity evidently trickling down to even not so crypto savvy users. Not only the big names like Facebook and top game publishers like Electronic Arts are betting big on NFTs, inspired by incredible stories of creators leveraging NFTs to generate six-figure income, there are many looking to tap into the NFT markets. Tech-editors are actively positioning NFTs as one of the most disruptive technologies that is going to be the future of the global creator economy.

The latest data shows NFTs are more searched on Google than the one of pioneer and most popular meme currency, the Dogecoin. NFT keyword search on Google is at its peak and the growing number of people actively looking for NFTs is a very strong indicator of its massive popularity. The data also reveals that NFTs are more popular in Asian countries with China top on the list. ( Note at Xircus we have a vibrant Chinese community and have strategic plans to target the Asian markets).

Not Just Digital Arts, NFTs Are The Future Of The Gaming Industry

A predominant notion about NFTs is that they are only for digital arts and rare collectibles. However, that’s not true. NFTs are already disrupting the gaming industry. Crypto gaming platforms leveraging NFTs are now commanding a share of the global gaming industry. The industry leaders and gaming services providers are unanimously declaring NFTs to be the future of gaming platforms. Just over a week ago, one of top global Game publisher Electronic Arts (EA) emphasised on the importance of NFTs in gaming. NFTs are “an important part of the future of our industry” they told their investors.

Commenting on why NFTs are so crucial and are becoming indispensable, Chief executive Andrew Wilson explained to investors that it is because of the user behaviour which is complimented by NFTs. “They want more digital experiences outside the game — esports, NFTs, broader sports consumption and they want us to move really, really quickly,” he said.

Beyond Digital Arts, NFTs are clearly the future of the thriving multi-billion dollar global gaming industry. Also, NFTs are being experimented and successfully integrated in the real estate platforms offering innovative fractal ownership of assets. By tokenizing the ownership of a property using NFTs, agents and real estate companies can offer secure fractal ownership services to their clients. Using NFTs will guarantee the authenticity of ownership and also allow for hassle-free ownership transfer.

Bridging The Gap

The massive change with NFTs making several business processes relaively easy is imminent. Xircus, as a decentralized DIY NFT marketplace creation platform will be catalytic to the change. With Xircus literally anyone looking to leverage NFTs and connect to global buyers can start within minutes with no prior NFT experience required. Xircus can be one of the biggest NFT creation platforms where users can get their ideas of creating NFTs turned into reality at zero cost.

To learn more about how to create an NFT marketplace using Xircus or to be a part of the Xircus global community, reach us at:

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