Note To The Community — Xircus Is All Charged Up To Respond To The Liquidity Woes! The Real Value Is Driven By The Platform’s Distinct Utility

First of all, we thank all who have contributed to making Xircus a project that has demonstrated consistent resilience and has come back stronger every time. It is also to say that we have always taken the responsibility and have convincingly responded to the market pressure and have managed to come out with what’s in the best interest of our stakeholders every single time. The team has been persistent in its approach aligned to our larger goals.

However, with what has transpired a day after Xircus was listed on Pancakeswap, we truly understand the concerns of our stakeholders, who have been anxious about the token prices dropping. While many have attributed it to the lower liquidity floor, that is not the only reason. In fact, the liquidity in the pool is as we had already planned with our tokenomics. Therefore, it may be a short-term concern but nothing that cannot be addressed.

Also, it is worth noting that despite the selling pressure and pertinent concerns, we still have most of our investors intact who continue to believe in the project’s potential. That can’t be ignored, considering we are still to launch the product marketing campaigns and release the app.

Volatility Is Vicious! Xircus Is Resilient

Remember, Xircus is here for the long haul, and volatility is not unprecedented with digital assets. To compare Xircus with a typical DeFi project would be gross misappropriation and injustice to the value that the project has aimed to create. In fact, we already have a tech-ready platform that brings practical utility to the global NFT community. With the strategically curated adoption campaigns that are set to kick in, we are certain that the token value will appreciate and our stakeholders’ confidence will be adequately rewarded. We are at the initial stages and it would be helpful if we focus more on the distinct utility and adoption potential of the platform, rather than very very short term volatility.

Those who have been following Xircus since the very first week when we published our Litepaper, know that the project is diligently dedicated to creating value with its incredibly advanced solution for NFT creators. Unfortunately, our IDO coincided with a short bull run in the market with all major tokens shedding value. With investments of some of our key strategic investment partners shrinking overnight, it also negatively impacted our ability to capitalize on some investment opportunities that we anticipated could have supplied liquidity. However, once again, we would like to reiterate that volatility is the least of our concerns. At least, not at this stage. We are confident of the platform’s utility, and once we release the products and start deployment with our campaigns kicking off, Xircus will multiply in value regardless.

Expediting The Release Of Staking Contract

However, we do feel that there’s an immediate need to provide impetus to liquidity providers so that our strategic investment partners can support the liquidity pool. We had planned to release the Xircus staking contract after we had launched the two pilot NFT marketplaces, along with a few whitelisted ones who have demonstrated sustained interest. But, we are expediting that process and are all set to release Xircus staking contracts to reward liquidity providers and also help our investors get an exclusive opportunity to multiply their crypto wealth.

Bold To Say No To Headless Hype-driven Marketing — We Create Utility Focussing On Adoption Campaigns

We also understand the questions related to our approach to marketing. At Xircus, we deliberately and strategically ditched the hype marketing approach. The team always focussed on creating a viable product with distinct utility and we planned to channelize our marketing efforts to gain adoption instead of just promoting fundraising events. There is nothing that beats utility and we are more than confident to claim that creates a practical solution and has adoption, will thrive and Xircus as the first decentralized multi-chain DIY platform to help NFT creators launch their custom NFT marketplace to connect with global buyers is all geared up to disrupt the multi-billion dollar NFT markets in the next few months.

More To Come, More To Grow

We will soon be releasing a detailed summary of our campaigns strategically designed to get more and more adoption on the platform. We will also be rolling out details of the advanced features integrated into the Xircus platform. We will also update you about our tech-related releases in the coming weeks. We are confident, the value of Xircus tokens will multiply to reflect the true potential of the platform.

To learn more about how to create an NFT marketplace using Xircus or to be a part of the Xircus global community, reach us at:

Visit our website @



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