Migration announcement Xircus 2.0 token

Finally, big things popping! Prior to the launch of the Xircus NFT Protocol platform version 2.0, we need to migrate to the new $XIR token. We are excited to announce that the snapshot has been taken and the LP will be removed shortly in preparation to be added as LP for the new contract.

The snapshot will also be back-dated to the date and time of the announcement so no further changes in price will matter. Any transactions made will be considered invalid.

Please do not attempt to buy or sell. Do not be alarmed by the chart or the inability to buy or sell.

The new contract is being developed and will be released on BSC as soon as possible.

We will update everyone on the newer developments regarding the big launch as soon as we are able to publish newer information publicly.

We have built something huge and the new Xircus token will play a big role in the ecosystem:

Click here to view the image in high resolution.

For now, your patience is still deeply appreciated, and expect frequent updates from our end this month of August 2022.


The Xircus NFT Protocol team



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