Migration Xircus 2.0 token ($XIRCUS to $XW3)

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3 min readDec 6, 2022


Finally, big things popping! Prior to the launch of the Xircus Protocol platform version 2.0, we need to migrate to the new $XW3 token. We are excited to announce that the snapshot has already been taken and the LP has been removed in preparation to be added as LP for the new contract.

The snapshot will also be back-dated to the date and time of the announcement so no further changes in price will matter.

The new contract is being developed and will be released on BSC as soon as possible.

We will update everyone on the newer developments regarding the big launch as soon as we are able to publish newer information. We have built something huge and the new Xircus token $XW3 will play a big role in the ecosystem.

For now, your patience is still deeply appreciated, and expect to see updates regarding the token migration during this month of March 2023 after the Xircus Studio has been released first in the upcoming days.

UPDATE, 9 March, 2023

We are excited to announce the upcoming token migration from $XIRCUS to $XW3. While this may not be a 1:1 migration, with the conversion rate being 1:0.16, we want to assure our old token holders that we have taken several measures to fully mitigate any potential loss!

e.g. if you’ve got 10,000 $XIRCUS you will receive 1,600 $XW3

  • Firstly, as an original backer $XIRCUS holder, you will receive 5% perpetual distributed rewards of Xircus revenue. This means that you continue to earn rewards after the migration to $XW3, perpetually (meaning forever).

e.g. if Xircus earns $2.5M, you will receive dividends from $125k pro rata

  • Secondly, we are proud to say that our protocol has advanced significantly since its 2021 pre-sale MVP stage. We have completed product designing and currently in our validation stage. The protocol is fully functional and will be fully validated by the time of the IDO.
  • Lastly, we want to inform you that the IDO and public sale prices are higher due to the higher valuation of our total protocol. Check out the “Tokenomics Table” below for the public price, the IDO price would be even higher. This is a testament to the progress we have made and the potential we have for the future!

We hope that this information provides clarity and assurance for our old token holders. We appreciate your continued support and look forward to the successful migration to $XW3.

Tokenomics Table

Still not sure why we need to migrate in the first place? Learn more about it on our Xircus GitBook page!


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