Liquidity to The Pool Already Added, Product Release Dates Revealed, 150% APY for Early Birds, Market Launch Announced, And More! — It’s Getting Exciting!

Wishing all Xircus NFT stakeholders a prosperous New Year 2022, co-founder and CEO Falco Pangkey released a video in which he shared several updates briefing the community members about the upcoming product releases and the much-awaited grande market launch. Following the grande market launch, we will be focussing on creating dedicated campaigns to create further awareness about the Xircus’ line of products that will revolutionize the way NFTs are traded.

In his latest video update, stressing the fundamentals, Falco can be seen explaining how the project revolves around creating long-term practical utility for NFT creators. “It would not be prudent to evaluate the project’s performance just by the market and price movement,” he asserts.

“I would say we must not look at the price action at all! It is not the most important thing at this stage. One should focus more on their entry time, while they have the chance to become a part of the Xircus project by adding the native tokens to their portfolio.”

Creating a novel and robust infrastructure that Xircus promises, is challenging — to say the least. However, the technical team has been diligently focussing on developing these products, and now we are all set to continue with periodic releases while simultaneously ramping up our marketing efforts.

“The coming few weeks are going to be action-packed with weekly product releases. It is a great time to increase your stakes in Xircus DAO.”

Falco Pangkey Co-founder Xircus NFT.

Xircus co-founder also made a series of announcements in which he categorically explained the upcoming updates. Addressing pertinent concerns of the community members, in the video he also confirmed adding liquidity to the pool.

Note: At the time of publishing the article, the liquidity to the pool has already been added and the current valuation of the liquidity pool is worth over 500,000 $USD. It is also important to note that there are over 10k unique addresses holding Xircus tokens.

Launching Dedicated Marketing Campaigns

Xircus belongs to a class of blockchain projects built to provide unique practical utility to all NFT creators, collectors and brands looking forward to achieving optimum growth by leveraging the NFT technology. For Xircus, it has been crucial to focus on developing the products first so that our marketing campaigns are more effective. As we move on to the next stage, we have a series of product release dates finalised. The team has also initiated the grand market launch and soon we’ll be kissing off with our marketing campaigns to create awareness about the Xircus platform to drive adoption.

Despite the overall crypto markets being sluggish towards the end of 2021, NFTs have shown resilience. NFT sales and investments continue to grow at a significant rate. All across the globe artists, and brands are jumping the NFT bandwagon to either monetize their online presence or market their unique digital creatives. In the latest video announcing the launch of Xircus marketing campaigns, Falco also mentioned how top global celebrities are already dipping their toes into NFTs — Snoop Dogg, Tony Hawk, Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, to name a few. Popular basketball and football clubs are also leveraging NFTs. Not to mention, NFTs now control over 10% of the online art sales. Laying emphasis on the power of networking and connecting with progressive artists across the globe, he also mentioned meeting artists like Sacha Jafri in Abu Dhabi while representing Xircus at major blockchain events.

Becoming a trailblazer by offering a radically unique and innovative solution is never easy. While conceptualizing Xircus, the team had already factored in these challenges. Despite the ups and downs, we have been consistently creating a solid and robust DIY NFT marketplace creation infrastructure. This is also to acknowledge that we very well understand the concerns of some of our community members about delaying the launch of our marketing campaigns.

But now the wait is over! We already have the product release dates. The team believes weekly product releases will make our marketing campaigns highly result-oriented and effective. It will also ensure optimum utilization of resources in the best interest of our investors, and aligned with the long-term goals of the project.

What Is Coming Up?

The marketing campaign launch is announced. In the coming weeks, you will be able to notice our enhanced presence and a growing Xircus community. Concerning the product releases, we have a comprehensive schedule. While there is more apart from what has been already announced in the video, here is what you will get to see this week:

  1. Liquidity Added to the Pool: As promised, and according to our roadmap the liquidity has been already added. While it may improve the price action, we believe it is not the most important thing to be concerned about at this stage.
  2. Deployer Contract Addresses Locked: By this week will have the deployer contract addresses locked and the tokens will be allocated to the respective addresses. It would be done no later than the 5th of January 2022.
  3. Launch of Staking Contracts: Much awaited Xircus staking contracts are ready to launch and they will be released this week. With the staking contracts in place, Xircus token owners will now also be able to leverage their acquired tokens to generate a consistent return on their investments.
  4. XircusPunks: XircusPunks NFT marketplace will be launched by the 7th of January. As the name suggests we are sure you get some idea of what they are going to be. Following the release of XircusPunks, users will not be able to buy them immediately as they will only be made available publicly on the 18th of January. By then, those who want to get XircusPunks will have to pre-book their favourites. It is also important to note that 50% of the proceeds from the sale of XircusPunks will be added to the liquidity pool, 45% will go to Xircus and 5% will be burned.
  5. Pre-order Premium Xircus NFT Skins: The premium skins will be made available for pre-booking on the 13th of January and by the end of the month they will be publicly available for sale and purchase.

Deployment On Ethereum Network: Positively surprising many community members, Falco also announced to add support for the Ethereum Network which means the Xircus contracts will also also be compatible with Ethereum. This would be done by the third week of January — 24th to be precise. Co-founder and CTO Mikey will make further announcements.

January will be action-packed as a number of other surprise releases are not announced yet. However, the aforementioned release dates are now aligned following the confirmation from the development team.

Leveraging Xircus Tokens To Earn Fixed Rewards, 150% Yield For Early Birds

While Xircus is intrinsically a utility-driven platform, from the coming week, Xircus token owners will also be able to benefit from their Xircus token holdings. As already announced, the staking contracts are going to be launched this week allowing Xircus owners to multiply their crypto wealth by leveraging their acquired Xircus tokens. Essentially, liquidity providers will be rewarded and long-term ownership of Xircus tokens can be one of the most profitable ventures. Xircus token owners who chose to Stake their acquired tokens will get to benefit from 150% APY (Annual Percentage Yield) on completion of 12 months, equivalent to 360 days. The best part is the reward is non-compounding and claimable monthly providing investors with ultimate flexibility to leverage their acquired tokens the way they want. For example, if a token owner chooses to unstake their staked assets on the 45th day, they will only receive 30 days of the reward which is 4.16%. By allowing Xircus users to leverage their acquired tokens to generate 150% APY, our staking contracts are also designed to attract investors looking to generate a fixed passive income. For our community members and token owners, it is an exclusive time-bound opportunity to lock in and benefit from 150% APY — the same (high APY) cannot be guaranteed later as it would flat out as the transactions on the network grows.

** Xircus tokens are already available on Pancakeswap. To add Xircus to your portfolio visit:

NFTs Are the Future of Digital Trade, Xircus is the Future of How NFTs Are Traded

The NFT sales figures continue to demonstrate consistent growth despite the slowdown in the overall cryptocurrency market. It is also important to note that NFTs have made inroads into a number of different sectors making the market more diverse. Creators across different verticals including art, photography, music, and gaming are actively leveraging NFTs to tap into new markets and generate sales. A number of creators have managed to create a six figure income leveraging NFTs to sell their digital creatives. With more and more creators taking the NFT route, the demand and utility for a DIY NFT marketplace creation infrastructure like that of Xircus can witness exponential growth in coming months. Especially, because a significant majority of creators and collectors don’t have the means to create a dedicated interface to sell their digital creatives through NFTs. Creating an NFT marketplace from scratch is both technically challenging and economically not viable for many. This means, the market is open for an exclusive zero-cost solution like Xircus that makes it easy for anyone to deploy and launch their own custom NFT marketplace in a matter of minutes. With Xircus, photographers, artists, athletes, gamers or for that matter any creator or brand will no longer have to participate in expensive online auctions to host their digital creatives to connect with potential buyers. They will also no longer have to part with a significant percentage of their sale which they have to share with traditional marketplaces as a commission. Xircus will democratize the NFT markets making it accessible and affordable to all. The DAO governance system will further empower creators allowing them the flexibility to participate in the decision making processes.

Summing up, Falco confirmed that he will return to Dubai this week to continue further awareness about the Xircus project to strategically push the growth of the Xircus community and attract even more investors to the project. Dubai has been a hub of blockchain activities. Over the past year, Dubai has emerged as a networking hub for blockchain-based enterprises. Thanks to the favourable policies and efforts made on the part of the Emirati government. In addition, Falco has been consistently creating a strong network and representing the Xircus NFT project at various events in Dubai and the UAE.

You are Still on Time!

The market action and the price movement is not the most crucial factor determining the long-term goals of the project. Investors looking to become a part of the next-gen NFT revolution can benefit from the host of opportunities that Xircus brings to them. 150% APY for those who chose to stake their acquired Xircus tokens already mitigates short-term volatility. Most importantly, those who have missed the early investment opportunities are still in time to ensure a favourable entry point. With the launch of Xircus marketing campaigns and subsequent weekly product releases, we are sure it will also positively impact the token valuation. Also, with staking contracts launching this week, Xircus token owners will be able to seamlessly leverage their acquired tokens to multiply their crypto wealth (150% APY) and generate a fixed passive income. Further, with the platform operational, once we start deploying NFT marketplaces, onboarding creators, the real practical utility offered by the Xircus protocol will make $XIRCUS one of the most sought after digital assets. Remember! we are here for the long haul, and by the end of 2022, we hope to make Xircus one of the top NFT platforms by market cap. Xircus has already created ripples in the world of NFTs, and it has the potential to be one of the top 100.

Stay tuned to learn more about the latest updates!

This week onwards, we will be releasing dedicated updates for every release scheduled. Moreover, we will have additional How-to guides to compliment the launch of our marketing campaigns targeting marketplace deployers, developers, DApps, and creators from across a range of verticals. Once again, we wish you a very happy, safe and prosperous new year with Xircus.

To learn more about how to purchase $XIRCUS to benefit from exclusive 150% APY for early investors follow our step-by-step guide here:

Xircus tokens are already available on Pancakeswap. To add Xircus to your portfolio, visit:

To learn more about how to create an NFT marketplace using Xircus or to be a part of the Xircus global community, reach us at:

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