Implementing TON in Xircus Web3 Protocol: Telegram Mini Apps in minutes

4 min readNov 15, 2023


37% of TON devs+users are Asia-based

The integration of TON Blockchain and the ability to build Telegram Mini Apps into the Xircus Web3 Protocol (Xircus), as highlighted in the recent “The Gateway” event, an annual congregation for the TON Community, is a strategic move that aligns with the growing technological and market trends in the blockchain space. This development is particularly significant given TON’s focus on the Asian market, a region burgeoning with potential.

Xircus Web3 Protocol, known for providing dApp builders, creators, designers, and developers with robust tools for deployment, has taken a significant leap by integrating TON technology. This integration is more than a technical enhancement; it’s a strategic alignment as well!

Why TON Blockchain is a Game-Changer for Xircus

Scalability and User Experience

TON Blockchain is renowned for its scalability, handling a vast user base which currently hovers around 1 billion users globally, with 37% based in Asia. Its capability to manage high transaction volumes without performance lags makes it an ideal technology for Xircus, aiming to provide an efficient and seamless user experience in the Web3 domain.

Technological Edge

Incorporating TON’s technology means Xircus is leveraging a blockchain system that is constantly evolving with cutting-edge features. This ensures that Xircus remains ahead in the technological race, offering future-proof solutions in the dynamic dApp landscape.

Within a few weeks its possible to deploy your idea into a Web3 Telegram mini app in literally minutes with Xircus Web3 Protocol web3 tooling! Easy, affordable and scalable by default.

Strategic Emphasis on the Asian Market

Tapping into a High-Potential Region

TON’s strategic expansion into the Asian market mirrors Xircus’s growth trajectory. Asia’s tech-savvy population, combined with rapid digital adoption, presents a ripe opportunity for blockchain technologies. The region’s current engagement with over 7 million mini-apps and a robust developer community of over 3 million underscores the enormous potential for Xircus’s expansion and TON Blockchain

Next Target Area is Asia!

Building on Developer and Investor Networks

The aim to position the Greater China region as the second most influential developer and investor community for TON, after the CIS region, is a testament to the region’s untapped potential. Xircus can capitalize on this growing interest, especially considering the significant listings of TON Coin on prominent Asian exchanges like Bybit, Bitfinex, and Coinone.

Major Listing upcoming

Navigating Market Challenges

With stringent regulatory environments and internet censorship in regions like China, TON’s experience and strategies provide Xircus with the necessary insights to navigate these challenges effectively.

Enable Crypto Adoption in China

Future-Proofing with TON Blockchain

The integration of TON Blockchain is a forward-thinking decision for Xircus, placing it at a competitive advantage. TON’s technological prowess combined with its strategic focus on Asia’s growing market makes it an invaluable partner for Xircus in its quest to become a leading dApp builder in the Web3 space. This integration is not just a technical alignment but a strategic one, poised to tap into the Asia market with over 400 million Monthly Active Users (MAU), harnessing the momentum of a region at the forefront of digital innovation.

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PS. here’s a sneak peek how TON has been implemented:




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