How To Create And Launch Your Own NFT Marketplace To Monetize Your Digital Creations At Zero Cost

launch NFT marketplace at zero cost

NFTs are one of the most innovative and easy ways for digital content creators, artists, musicians and brands to monetize their work. Many artists, musicians and record labels, online content creators, brands and gaming geeks have successfully leveraged NFTs to make millions. As a matter of fact, NFT sales in just the third quarter of 2021 is recorded to be over $10.1 billion. That’s huge! It’s a real opportunity to grow and monetize and expand your fan following.

What Are NFTs?

NFTs are non-fungible crypto coins created using the blockchain technology. They offer a great utility. These coins are unique and immutable. In simple terms it means non-fungible digital assets cannot be duplicated. As such, it is one most advanced and secure way to guarantee sales of digital assets. Many artists and content creators are already successfully creating NFTs and generating a significant passive income selling tokenized digital assets. If you haven’t already been exploring the option to gain more exposure and growth using NFTs, it’s about time you should seriously consider creating your own NFT marketplace and selling your unique works through NFTs.

No! It Is Not As Complex As It Sounds

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are becoming increasingly popular. However, to those who are not very tech-savvy and haven’t been following the crypto and NFT markets, it may sound complex. But that’s not true and it should not stop you from exploring massive growth opportunities and income potential. Once you create a non-fungible asset you can sell them on online NFT marketplaces. In fact, many buyers and collectors across industries are now actively preferring to purchase digital creations like artworks, unique music, limited edition designer merchandise and more as NFTs.

Why Would Buyers Prefer NFTs?

NFTs offer a unique value proposition to buyers and collectors. Unique products, especially digital works can easily be counterfeit and therefore the real owners lose value.

  • Guaranteed Ownership: With NFTs buyers get a unique digital proof of ownership that is immutable. It cannot be tampered. Simply put, NFTs guarantee the authenticity of ownership and thus helps distinguish the original from the counterfeit. The blockchain technology that enables us to create NFTs cannot be breached ensuring there is no other non-fungible asset than the one created.
  • Easily Exchangeable: Selling digital products or artworks or unique creations through conventional auctions is not easy. Also, it is not easily tradable. If buyers and collectors like to be able to trade their unique holdings, they can easily sell the NFTs on an NFT marketplace auction. It is easy and instant.
  • Investment Opportunity: Because NFTs are tradable and unique, many collectors and buyers both private and institutional are not actively investing in NFTs as it provides them the opportunity to make a great income with value appreciation over time. Why do you think Beeple got to sell their NFT artwork for a whopping $69 million?
  • Future Of Creator Economy: NFTs are the future of a multi-billion dollar creator economy. Many brands, top athletes, popular influencers, artists, gamers and leading figures across verticals are now jumping the NFT bandwagon. Earlier this year even Coca Cola used NFTs to raise funds for charity. Top gaming companies are already mulling launching sales of digital gaming assets via NFTs.

If you have a meaningful fan following or you are creating something unique, NFTs are a great way to showcase your creations and boost your earning abilities.

How Much Can I Make Creating My Own NFT Marketplace?

Creating and launching NFTs can certainly help you boost sales — it opens up a whole new door to start monetizing your digital assets. The earning potential depends on the popularity of your artwork. Many artists have raked in millions using NFTs to sell their original and unique creations. As an artist you can definitely expect to grow your current earning potential. Launching a dedicated and custom NFT marketplace will help you to tap into new markets and get access to new buyers and fans who are also crypto enthusiasts and NFT

collectors. You will automatically gain more exposure and your work will be showcased globally for buyers.

How To Create NFT Marketplace And Sell My NFT Tokens?

Honestly, creating a custom NFT marketplace to sell your unique Non-fungible tokens is challenging and can cost thousands of dollars. Typically you would need to hire a team of experienced developers to set up and launch a NFT marketplace. Alternatively, you can also create your NFT tokens and host them on a popular NFT marketplace and start selling.

However, let’s first look at the challenges:

If you want to create your own NFT marketplace:

  • Costly: Creating an NFT marketplace from scratch is costly. On average it would cost anything from $50,000 to over a million dollars. Therefore, it is not recommended to create your own NFT marketplace until you have a huge fan base and sales to meet optimum Return on Investment (ROI).
  • Highly Technical: Even after you have created your NFT marketplace you would need a dedicated technical team to manage and operate the marketplace.
  • Marketing Costs: After launching a brand new NFT marketplace you will require extensive marketing to acquire users. These could be very high depending on your niche and target audiences.

What’s The Alternative?

To start selling your digital creation through NFTs, alternatively you can also choose to create your own token and get it listed on a centralised NFT marketplace. While it may sound the way to go, selling NFTs through intermediary online marketplaces is costly. Let’s take a quick look at how the major online marketplaces make it difficult for creators who are looking to boost sales and generate earnings:

  • Listing Fee: Most centralized and popular online NFT marketplaces charge an upfront listing fee for every NFT token you auction. Premium auctions come at a very high cost and participating requires additional fees.
  • Commission On Sales: Everytime you make a sale, the marketplace charges a hefty commission. What’s worse is you have no choice but to pay the commission as decided by the marketplace. This could be as high as 20 to 30%.
  • Competition: On a popular centralized NFT marketplace, the competition to gain visibility is very high. Despite more viewership of the platform, it is extremely difficult to get your NFTs made visible to real buyers. As such, the risk of losing the auction and listing fees are very high.
  • No control: On a centralized and conventional NFT marketplace, buyers and sellers have no control. There’s zero flexibility when it comes to deciding the terms of sale and listing. It just makes generating sales even more challenging.

Is There A Zero-cost Solution?

Fortunately Yes! There is a zero cost solution which allows creators on budget to tap into the world of NFTs. Xircus is a fully decentralized NFT marketplace creation platform that allows NFT creators to launch their own NFT marketplace at zero cost. Users can mint their NFT tokens and launch a custom NFT marketplace in minutes using the Xircus platform. Think of it as wordpress to create a website of Shopify to create your own store. The same way Xircus allows creators to launch their NFT marketplace and connect to buyers and NFT collectors from across the globe. It also facilitates NFT trading, provides unique earning opportunities through various staking pools and more.

How To Create NFT Marketplace With Xircus?

create nft marketplace with Xircus

Creating an NFT marketplace using the Xircus platform is easy. Most importantly it is a zero cost solution which means there’s absolutely no upfront fee. It is an enabler platform. This means you can simply create an account and use the Xircus Deployer Studio which is a powerful and easy-to-use online tool to create a custom NFT marketplace. Moreover, Xircus smart contracts are EVM compatible which means you can deploy a NFT marketplace within minutes on any popular blockchain network of your choice. Buyers and collectors can register and participate in your NFT auction and also trade NFTs on the platform.

With NFTs becoming extremely popular, there are more and more creators and brands actively searching for leveraging NFTs to boost sales and generate additional profits. Buyers and collectors are also prioritising non-fungible assets as they get unique and immutable proof of authentic ownership.

Here’s a quick video walkthrough of the Xircus platform where we demonstrate how you can deploy and launch your very own NFT marketplace at zero cost and in just a matter of minutes. Most importantly, it is a DIY solution and you may not need any professional developer as you can very well do it yourself. The pre-built deployer studio tool helps you to create an NFT marketplace without having to write a single code.

Xircus is a groundbreaking revolutionary platform that is redefining NFT sales. It is designed to help budget creators launch NFT marketplace and monetize their digital creations with zero-investments and minimum marketing efforts. Users get access to a strong community of NFT enthusiasts, traders and collectors.

We have already rolled out our whitelisting process to get your NFT marketplace deployed using the Xircus platform. For creators and early adopters, we also offer exclusive benefits and free access to limited premium features on the platform.

Are you a creator looking to boost your sales and grow to leverage the power of NFTs? Xircus is the ultimate zero-cost solution to help you tap into the multi-billion dollar NFT market.

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