From Few Hundreds To Six-figures — How NFTs Have Been Life-Changing For These Millennial Content Creators

NFTs are empowering digital content creators. Since the latter half of 2019, non-fungible digital assets have gained overwhelming popularity — especially amongst millennial artists and content creators. NFTs have been life-changing for several creators who are now pocketing six-figure income selling their creations through NFTs.

According to a CNBC report, Sarah Zucker, a digital artist who started selling her artworks through NFTs in 2019, has already made $274000 in NFT sales this year. What started for her as a fun way to make an additional income is now her main source. Sarah says she had heard of NFTs in 2015 but only got into selling her creative artworks through NFTs in 2019 after she got inspired by another artist making consistent income selling his digital creations through NFTs. Summing up her experience and how it all started for her, she says, “It really is just one of those funny before and after things — this whole experience changed the trajectory of my art career and my life.”

Matt Kane, a Chicago-based digital artist shares a similar story. Kane got into NFTs in early 2019. However, he did not meet with much success. Initially, he sold his digital artworks for a couple of hundred dollars each while conventional sales got him over a thousand. However, with the NFT markets expanding by the end of 2019 and exploding in early 2021, today, Kane makes most of his income by selling his creations using NFTs. Kane also made over $100,000 selling one of his artworks called “Right Place & Right Time.”

“This was life-changing for me. I was able to make different plans for my future just on that. And that’s a very modest price,” he said in his interview with CNBC.

NFTs Are The Future

NFTs are the future of the multi-billion dollar creator economy. They provide a unique value proposition to buyers with an immutable certificate of guaranteed ownership of their digital assets. Moreover, NFTs are easily tradable which is why they attract collectors worldwide. While top artists and creators from across the globe are already exploring opportunities with NFTs, if you are a creator, it’s your time to unlock new income opportunities by creating your tokenized digital works and selling them to your fans and to a global community of NFT enthusiasts. Tokenization and non-fungible digital assets are certainly the way forward. Or else, why would you think top brands like Coca-Cola are also dipping their toes in the NFT markets?

We Have Got You Covered

While success stories are a good read, they will do good only once you start to act. With NFTs sales topping $10 billion in the third quarter of 2021 alone, the time is now. Minting NFTs and selling your artworks is now easier than ever. With Xircus, creators now have a zero-cost solution to help you create your own NFTs and launch your NFT marketplace to start selling them to global buyers. Xircus platform is designed as a DIY solution for creators to help them leverage the power of NFTs. It’s an end-to-end NFT solutions platform where anyone can use the Xircus “Deployer Studio” to launch their NFT marketplace in minutes without having to write a single code. Learn more about how you can start with your NFT journey at zero cost with Xircus here.

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