Evan Luthra Joins Xircus Web3 Protocol as Strategic Advisor

3 min readNov 2, 2023


In a significant move for the decentralized web, Evan Luthra, a Forbes 30 under 30, serial entrepreneur and a recognized name in the world of startups and blockchain, has joined Xircus Web3 Protocol as a strategic advisor. This partnership is set to propel Xircus Web3 Protocol to new heights, leveraging Evan’s vast network, experience and unparalleled expertise.

Evan Luthra Joins Xircus!

Why Evan Luthra?


  • Global Recognition: Evan’s entrepreneurial journey has been acknowledged by prestigious platforms like Forbes, which honored him as one of the 30 under 30 entrepreneurs twice.
  • Media Appearances: Evan’s voice resonates globally. He’s been featured in over 8 TV shows and has shared his insights at hundreds of events, including 7 TEDx talks and esteemed gatherings like the World Economic Forum and the United Nations.
  • Social Media Influence: Engage with Evan on his Instagram where he boasts a community of over 2.4 million followers, or follow him on Twitter for detailed threads unraveling complex topics.


  • Leading Authority: Both USATODAY and Business Insider recognize Evan as a top authority on blockchain and NFTs.
  • Investment and Advisory Roles: Through his Incubator Fund, Startup Studio, Evan has nurtured over 100+ Web2 companies. As an Angel Investor and Advisor, he’s been instrumental in the growth of over 400+ Web3 companies, with their combined market cap exceeding $100B USD.
  • Published Author: Evan is a prolific writer and contributes to premier media outlets like Binance.com, CoinTelegraph, and Forbes. He’s illuminated the potential of the Play-to-Earn gaming sector, discussed the impact of metaverses on gaming, and championed the future of DAOs in his insightful articles.

Technical Skills

  • Early Innovator: From the age of 13, Evan showcased his technical prowess by building over 30 apps single-handedly. His talent bore fruit early when he sold his first app for a staggering 1.7 million dollars at just 17.
  • Crypto Pioneer: Evan’s journey into the crypto realm began in 2014. Between 2016 and 2018, he managed a crypto investment bank, skyrocketing projects from a mere $10M to an astonishing $10B+ in market cap. His portfolio boasts of investments in industry giants like Hashgraph, Ripple, and many more.

Visionary View on Web3

  • NFT Enthusiast: Evan’s fascination with NFTs is evident in his diverse portfolio, which includes prized assets like Bored Apes, CryptoPunks, and over 1000+ other NFTs, amounting to an investment of over $5M+.
  • CasaNFT Visionary: Evan is the brain behind CasaNFT.com, a chain of hotels and resorts that aims to unite the international web3 community.

Xircus: Paving the Way for Mainstream Adoption

Xircus Web3 Protocol is not just another platform in the decentralized space. It’s a vision for the future. With its no-code solutions, Xircus is enabling individuals to bring their dreams to life by building their own dApps. But the vision doesn’t stop there. Xircus is currently working on becoming Telegram compatible, allowing users to have their own dApps on Telegram. With Telegram’s staggering 850M monthly active users, this integration will make onboarding a breeze, pushing the boundaries of mainstream adoption.

Xircus Web3 Protocol stands out as a forward-thinking platform in the decentralized space. It not only offers innovative solutions but also envisions a future where individuals, businesses, brands, entrepreneurs can effortlessly bring their ideas to life through no-code dApp creation. With the imminent addition of Evan Luthra, to the Xircus team, his extensive experience in building apps is poised to add tremendous value.

Furthermore, Xircus is actively pursuing compatibility with Telegram, aiming to become the inaugural Web3 dApp deployer on Telegram Mini Apps. This ambitious endeavor has the potential to revolutionize the dApp space, particularly given Telegram’s extensive user base of 850 million monthly active users. This integration is anticipated to streamline onboarding and significantly expand the reach of dApps, marking a pivotal step towards mainstream adoption.

A Bright Future Ahead

With Evan Luthra on board and its forward-thinking initiatives, Xircus Web3 Protocol is set to redefine the boundaries of the decentralized web. As the first no-code platform to build, deploy, and manage cross-chain dApps, Xircus stands at the cusp of a new era. And with Evan’s mantra, “The Best way to predict the future is to build it,” the future indeed looks promising.

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