Conventional Auctions Are Fading — Gear Up To Monetize Your Digital Creations With The Revolutionary Xircus NFT Marketplace Deployer Platform

NFT sales are exploding as the market sustains the bull run. Post internet revolution Digital art and creatives have emerged as a multi-billion dollar industry driving the thriving global creator economy. With the blockchain revolution taking over, NFTs are taking over the conventional auctions providing creators with a unique opportunity to monetize their digital creations. Figures from data aggregator firms reveal how both enthusiasts and collectors have made millions with NFT trading. Not to mention, NFTs have fairly empowered buyers and creators as a unique way to guarantee the authenticity of ownership and ease of exchange.

At Xircus, we have been categorically creating unique solutions tailored to cater to content creators and NFT collectors across many different verticals including, but not limited to music, real estate, gaming, branded merchandise and more. With more and more creators exploring opportunities to sell their digital creations leveraging NFTs, conventional auctions including, physical and online are fading in popularity. The market is ripe for an innovative intervention that allows creators and buyers to connect seamlessly, provides them greater flexibility and offers a more scalable and cost-effective solution. The Xircus platform is designed to enable mainstream adoption of NFTs, focussing on the challenges with conventional NFT marketplace platforms.

The Xircus Advantage

While conventional cryptocurrencies have claimed a cumulative market cap of over a trillion dollars, mainstream adoption is limited. Also, we observe that there are very few projects that offer real practical value to stakeholders. Analysts attribute the lack of ‘practical utility as one of the biggest impediments to the mainstream adoption of blockchain technology and its applications. The Xircus platform powered by the native XMT tokens is an outlier. One of the biggest advantages with Xircus is that we are creating a dedicated solution that will empower existing stakeholders of the global creator economy to accentuate their earnings by leveraging NFTs with ease and cost-effectively. With over 100 million in weekly sales and growing, conventional NFT marketplaces tell a success story. However, these profit-driven centralized marketplaces have failed to exploit the real potential of the market. Projections from analytics firms expect the NFT driven creator economy to be over 100 billion by 2025. Xircus eliminates the pertinent barriers, and it is a DIY solution like Shopify to help creators set up their Blockchain-based NFT stores across a range of popular blockchain networks within minutes and at zero cost.

A Market Leader In Making

It’s not hard to distinguish a utility-based solution from the typical crypto coins with no intrinsic value. Xircus is unique and has demonstrated practical utility for content creators, brands, and dApps. Considering the last quarter NFT sales where centralized NFT marketplaces raked in over $10 billion is pure sales, Xircus is poised to capture a noticeable share in the first three to six months of the main sale launch and open-to-all deployment. It means with the traction we are targeting, we see NFTs worth millions of dollars flowing in and out of the Xircus platform soon. While we don’t undermine the competition, the unique value proposition Xircus offers to content creators gives it an edge. The response from the developer community and NFT enthusiasts have been highly encouraging, allowing us to focus more on the solutions. Last week, we also made progress on developing the Solana smart contract. It facilitates Ringmasters to deploy custom NFT marketplaces using the Xircus platform on the Solana network. The community around Solana is strong, and the recent rally of the $SOL also demonstrates investor confidence. It is currently the most legit contender amongst Matic Polygon, Cardano and Algorand as Ethereum alternatives. We have also developed our featured tradable premium skins and dedicated staking pools that allow Xircus stakeholders access to additional earning opportunities.

As we near the main sale launch, the time is now!

Be a part of the most exciting and utility-driven next unicorn NFT project. To learn more about monetizing your digital creatives and deploying your NFT marketplace at zero cost reach us at:

Visit our website @




The world’s first multi-chain gamified DAO platform that allows users to create and deploy custom NFT marketplaces.

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Xircus NFT

Xircus NFT

The world’s first multi-chain gamified DAO platform that allows users to create and deploy custom NFT marketplaces.

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