Celebrating the Success of Xircus Zealy Campaign

2 min readFeb 6, 2024


We want to start by expressing our heartfelt thanks to all the incredible contributors who made the Xircus Zealy campaign a resounding success! Your support has been nothing short of amazing, and we couldn’t have achieved this milestone without each and every one of you. In just a matter of months, our campaign went from having just a few Zealy contributors to an astonishing 40,000+ participants!

Reward Distribution: We know that many of you have been eagerly awaiting the distribution of rewards. To address this, we have a clear plan in place. The reward pool will be distributed in multiple sprints.

  • Sprint 1 rewards will be distributed during our launch sprint.
  • For Sprint 2 and Sprint 3, rewards will be distributed one month after the Token Generation Event (TGE).

check the winners list here!

We understand that those who have been with us since Sprint 1 have been patiently waiting for their rewards. To alleviate the wait, we have decided to distribute the first 10% of Sprint 1 rewards even before the official launch/TGE. Additionally, during the TGE, 5% of rewards from Sprint 2 and Sprint 3 will be distributed to ensure everyone receives a well-deserved part of their tokens promptly!

Addressing Fake Accounts:

We take the issue of fake accounts seriously and are committed to maintaining the integrity of our campaign. We’ve noticed the presence of fake accounts, and we are taking steps to address this concern.

  • In collaboration with the Zealy team, we have decided to implement a Know Your Customer (KYC) process for all contributors. This additional verification step will help us ensure that genuine participants receive their rewards.
  • We will also be closely monitoring the top 400 contributors’ social accounts for authenticity. Any fake accounts identified will be excluded from the winners’ pool to ensure that only legitimate supporters are rewarded.
  • All of Zealy legitimate winners will receive a Xircus Early Adoptors badge (NFT), granting access to the first batch of users who can try out our newest tech on TON Blockchain (the Telegram Mini App deployer studio)

Disclaimer: Please be aware that all the terms and rules governing the Xircus Zealy campaign are determined by our team. We remain committed to providing a fair and transparent experience for all contributors, and we appreciate your understanding as we work diligently to ensure that the rewards are distributed accurately and to the right individuals.

Once again, thank you for being part of this incredible journey with us. Your support has been invaluable, and we look forward to a bright future ahead with Xircus Zealy!




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