Buckle Up to Pre-order Xircus Exclusive Avatar Collection — XircusPunks

Pre-order XircusPunks starts January 13th!

The Xircus team is proud to announce the launch of an exclusive Xircus Avatar collection that we call XircusPunks. An ingenious Xircus product, XircusPunks are more than what they appear to be. These curated and meticulously designed avatars are feature-laden, and also allow owners VIP access as Xircus DAO members.

Understanding XircusPunks

One of the ingenious Xircus products, XircusPunks are an exclusive collection of avatars to say the least. However, unlike typical avatars, apart from its aesthetic value, XircusPunks offer a range of utility within the Xircus ecosystem that makes it more of an asset for all Xircus owners and stakeholders.

To understand the utility and benefits of adding these exclusive avatars to your collection, it is important to understand the DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) model of the Xircus platform. The core idea that drives Xircus is to empower creators by allowing them to monetize their digital creatives by leveraging the NFT technology. To help creators connect with potential buyers, the Xircus NFT platform allows anyone to deploy and launch their own NFT marketplace at zero cost and without having to write a single code. Also, the Xircus platform is truly decentralized. It is created to allow stakeholders to have a greater say in the Xircus’ governance system. As such, the platform is designed to feature a decentralized and autonomous governance model.

XircusPunks And Xircus Governance Model

The decentralized and autonomous governance model of the Xircus ecosystem enables all Xircus stakeholders to participate in the governance and policy making at various levels. We have designed a range of exclusive Xircus products and tools that allow all Xircus stakeholders to participate in the governance. XircusPunks is one such product that provides owners with exclusive and VIP access as Xircus DAO members to a host of features on the platform. Not to mention, it also allows them to participate in governance. Let’s take a quick look at why XircusPunks are more than just a collection of avatars and the benefits that come along with buying a XircusPunk avatar:

  • Identity with authority: Owning exclusive XircusPunks avatars is not only about having an exclusive distinguishable identity but also authority. XircusPunks avatar owners get VIP access as Xircus DAO members to a range of features and releases on the platform. Here’s a quick look at some of the exclusive benefits that come along with the VIP access:

🔥 VIP Lounge — XircusPunks avatar ownership gets you exclusive access to premium offers and early-stage opportunities to participate in future projects.

🔥 Voting — With the VIP access, XircusPunks avatar owners get to vote on marketplaces, platform fees, proposals, charities and contests. It allows them to participate in the decision making processes concerning various aspects of the Xircus platform.

🔥 IDO Launchpad — VIP members can only deploy IDOs, and notify other VIP members to participate.

🔥 Weekly Newsletter — All Xircus VIP members receive weekly updates of progress, market updates, insider analysis and latest crypto and NFT news.

🔥 Early Access — All future products and features that are to be released on the Xircus platform are communicated first to the VIP members. They also get first and access to premium future products and features.

XircusPunks is basically your ticket to become a VIP within the Xircus ecosystem and benefit from opportunities exclusive to VIPs. XircusPunks connects you to DAO members exclusive circle.

  • Having a Distinct Identity: XircusPunks avatars provide users a distinct identity on the Xircus platform. It is unique, a status and authoritative identity symbol that gives a unique value to your online presence within the Xircus ecosystem.
  • An Opportunity to Grow Your Crypto Assets: For all Xircus stakeholders, XircusPunks brings an exclusive opportunity to multiply their crypto wealth within the Xircus ecosystem. 5% of all revenue share on the Xircus platform is redistributed to XircusPunks. Effectively, it means XircusPunk avatar owners will get automated rewards depending on the number of avatars they own. The revenue share of the Xircus platform is the 25% of all mint and transaction fees decided by marketplace owners. Moreover, XircusPunks owners get exclusive discounts when purchasing premium skins.
  • Tax-free Transactions: XircusPunks allows you to make tax-free transactions in XIRCUS tokens. Effectively, it means all XircusPunks avatar owners will get to save on transaction fees that they would otherwise incur on the Xircus platform.
  • Exclusive Rewards: With XircusPunks you get to earn rewards for participating in a range of different activities on the platform like unlocking, completing challenges and more.
  • More Avatars You Have, the Higher the Voting Power: You are free to buy and add any number of exclusive XircusPunks avatars and add it to your collection. Those with more avatars will have the higher voting power within the Xircus consensus.

Get Ready to Pre-order Your XircusPunks!

XircusPunks pre-order is scheduled to go live on Wednesday, 13th January. Users can pre-order XircusPunks avatars on the Xircus platform. Details and screenshots of how-to pre-order avatars will be shared as it goes live. Anyone can participate in the pre-ordering auction and will be able to buy XircusPunks avatars with USD. 50% of the proceeds from the auction of XircusPunks will automatically go towards the liquidity pool, 45% will be used to buy back tokens and 5% will be burned.

XircusPunks’ avatars are designed as a premium digital tool that enables users to become VIP members in the Xircus consensus and unlock exciting opportunities to grow their crypto assets and also have a greater say in the Xircus DAO. These avatars are transferable, therefore, their value as one the Xircus digital assets will multiply as the Xircus becomes the consensus. This is your chance to get exclusive XircusPunks avatars at the best price!

Note: Last week we launched the Xircus staking contract. In less than 12 hours, the 2 million token threshold was met and many missed the opportunity. With XircusPunks we cannot guarantee that it will be available. It is a limited-time opportunity as once sold out, it would only be available if an owner wants to sell their VIP membership that comes along with the ownership of a XircusPunk avatar. Don’t miss this opportunity, and forget about the rocket, don’t miss the boat!

To learn more about the releases scheduled in the coming weeks please visit: https://xircus.medium.com/liquidity-to-the-pool-already-added-product-release-dates-revealed-150-apy-for-early-birds-f17e090e5c5b

To add Xircus to your portfolio visit: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x1df2bF8bFf0f2a8d67cf84ca55Fc9cCC9C3dA018



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